Healing The Feeling Of Being Unsafe, Ungrounded, Or Insecure…

Healing The Feeling Of Being Unsafe, Ungrounded, Or Insecure

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Feeling unsafe, ungrounded, and insecure in the world is, more often than not, linked to imbalances of the first chakra: the root chakra, or Muladhara chakra. If your root chakra is balanced, you’ll feel safe and secure, connected, grounded and supported. Root chakra imbalances might occur due to early childhood mishaps. Therefore, you’re not to blame.

If your root chakra needs a bit of love, there are compassionate ways to give it. For example, the tree pose is a great pose for the root chakra. Spend a little time in tree pose each day, and as you do, visualize that your foot has deep roots, grounding you into Mother Earth. Malasana, the deep squatting pose is another good one to get you grounded and balance Muladhara chakra. “Lam” is the seed mantra for the root chakra. Chant “lam” over and over again in meditation. You can also visualize the color red as you chant. Red is the color of the root chakra.

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Tapping into our highest self

Many times we don’t feel safe, secure or grounded because we don’t understand or haven’t experienced the true nature of who we really are. When we understand that we are our souls, eternal in nature, we can trust that we are always safe in the world. You know that your true nature is timeless, unbounded by space and time.

Your Highest Self is a part of the Unified Field of Consciousness. There’s nowhere you cannot be. There’s nothing you cannot do. You are made up of the Divine. When you come to experience your divinity, your fears melt away. Instead of identifying with your little self, you become one with the universal self. This is self-realization, in a nutshell. And all your safety lies here.


One of the big delusions (Maya) according to yoga philosophy is that we cannot be whole, full, and content unless we attain something external, something outside of ourselves. Attaching ourselves to this kind of thinking, “I’ll feel good when I have a husband,” “I’ll feel safe when I have $100,000 in the bank,” I’ll be secure when I score that new job,” – you get the point – is a surefire way to feel deeply insecure.

Attaching ourselves to external sources make us feel totally unsafe and ungrounded because of this simple truth: everything changes. Nothing is permanent. Therefore, if we base our identity on a particular role, base our security on a particular amount of money in the bank, or attach our feelings of safety to another person, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment. The only thing that doesn’t change, the only thing we should base our security on is our Atman – our soul – the unchanging, divine essence of who we are. Only then will we feel utterly safe and secure. So how do we do that? We meditate.


Meditation is the tried and true practice that puts you in touch with your true nature. Through regular meditation practice, we will eventually come to know the part of ourselves that never, ever changes. It may take a while, or it may happen instantly. But it will happen via the practice of meditation. This is inevitable because your Atman is within you. You just need to peel back the many layers of illusion that cover it up. But eventually you will experience your true nature, and pretty soon you’ll live from that place—not just during meditation, but during your everyday life. And that is something to base your security upon.

Fearful mind

Feeling unsafe, ungrounded, and insecure can stem from a fearful mind. Your thoughts create your reality. The more you do yoga, and the more you meditate, the easier it is to control your thoughts and see them for what they really are. They’re just thoughts. And when you realize that, you can understand and recognize your mind for what it really is. Then you can learn how to work with your mind and change it in a positive way – in a way that makes you feel safe and grounded.


Pranayama is a means of controlling the life force energy via the breath. Your breath influences the mind, and your mind influences the breath. Therefore, by practicing pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), you can positively influence the mind to become less fearful. Breath control equals self-control, while breath mastery equals self-mastery. Through various pranayama techniques, you can actually bathe your consciousness in a bath of inner peace.

Yin Yoga

The practice of yin yoga is deeply grounding. It’s a form of yoga that’s not quite as popular as the more yang forms of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga, but it’s every bit as powerful as it works on grounding and balancing your life force energy. If you’re feeling nervous and scattered, you’ll want to ground yourself, taking your energy down towards the ground as is done in the yin yoga practice.


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