As 2020 Approaches, It’s Time To Shift Your Vision…

As 2020 Approaches, It’s Time To Shift Your Vision

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change”. — Wayne Dyer

In the world of medicine, having 20/20 vision is a term used to express normal visual acuity; the sharpness of vision as measured by the ability to discern symbols and shapes at a given distance. 20/20 vision has the practicality to help you read over a stack of mail, see and obey stop signs, or keep you up engrossed into the deepest pages of a fantasy novel.

Out of all the five senses, your vision seems the most important. It also allows the discernment to determine the difference between a smile or a grimace on the face of a stranger, or the tears of happiness or grief in a friend. While this clarity or sharpness of visual acuity is dependent on both optical and neural factors, the ability to see the bigger picture of life relies on the peripheral vision, the area that helps to plan your future with imagination and wisdom. 2020 is approaching and not only is this a new decade, it’s an entirely new era of self-expression and mode to demonstrate a bigger vision for who you want and are meant to be. It is easy to see what you want to see and typically you base what you see on what you already know.

To stare into the eyes of newness and potential, it is scary and very common to think, “Universe, I do not see how this could be possible, I do not see how it will work”. Yet, it is important that you change the way you perceive ideas, people, and situations. It is a whole lot of work, but the work is essential to your mental health and well being.

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Dilate your pupils

Leaving a myopic, nearsighted vision is of self is leaving the limited ego. The limited ego is merely a safety mechanism, similar to the subconscious knee jerk reaction from your mother who, suddenly slams on the brakes of the car and instinctively swings her arm out to brace and protect you. That reaction is based out of love and safety to keep you secure when a sudden unseen course correction comes along. The ego is on constant alert for any slights, perceived or real, and tries to defend against them.

Don’t we all strive for more ease in our minds? Yet don’t we all feel like we are our own worst enemy standing in the way?

You are not alone if you find it difficult to see the bigger picture. For years my myopic visions always ended up in the same place — walking alone down a metaphorical long, white-walled corridor in a straitjacket, feeling completely confined. The good news is, I always somehow managed to break free from my perceived straitjacket and arrive in a large circular room with solid glass walls with a view to the outside world.

While I saw the world outside of this room, I still judged myself against the people I saw “out there” as living heroically. Having figured out the keys to their interpersonal success living large and living the masterful life they wanted, I was still confined to the room with the glass walls. Possibilities for change seemed invisible to me, just as glass is transparent.

How I changed my vision

There are things we all say to ourselves. “If only I knew what they knew”, or “if only I have what they have”. If only I could find more love, more money, more appreciation for my role in the world. I chose to stand firm to my values and hold on to what I wanted, but not be afraid of loosening my bond to how I thought it was supposed to look. Letting go of our myopic vision and limited view of how things are “supposed to be”, is what lets us move beyond glass walls.

For life in general and when manifesting, it is important to take a bigger picture look. First and foremost, you are an immortal soul experiencing life as a human being. Have no fear and see things clearly that you are a powerful co-creator in a divine partnership with the universe. If you hate yourself and do not love yourself, then no one can love you. If you call yourself old and ugly, then you will feel old and ugly. I ask you to look bigger and ask yourself new questions. Adopt a new outlook. Learn and work on bridging what you see with new mental circuits. It is here at this merger that true “vision” begins.

Your life’s vision defines who you want to be, what you want to be known for and the set of experiences and accomplishments you aim for. Possibility exists in the midst of all the stress, worry, and negativity.  All around you are people who continue pulling themselves up, opening minds to new ideas and possibilities, taking advantage of the opportunities that are out there, and doing amazing things.  So can you!

Never discount your dreams

The best way to know what a vision or an image means is to be well connected to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the version of you that is made of pure goodness, truthfulness, and pure wisdom. Your Higher Self allows you to see beyond this world and into the different realms of dreams. Dreams are the bridge between worlds, the sleep dreamscape of possibilities, ideas, inventions, books, messages from spirit and answers to questions in your waking reality. While the ego sleeps, the true Dreams that serve your higher self awaken.

But in order to connect with your Higher Self, you must first embrace who you are as the spiritually successful single entity you already are. Know yourself. Embrace your gifts and your flaws. When you have achieved this, you are now ready to see more.

Breathe into life, belong in your own skin. Believe in the beliefs of believing that miracles and love are everywhere.

And it’s with this new vision, that marks the beginning of 2020.


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