5 Amazing Natural Remedies For Treating Childhood Anxiety…

5 Amazing Natural Remedies For Treating Childhood Anxiety


Raising an anxious child today can be a demanding task. Our kids face all sorts of challenges and pressures such as academic, social and emotional. Often they find themselves locked in their thoughts, buried in stress and fearful of all kinds of situations.

Thankfully, quick fix choices are a thing of the past, and we no longer want to focus on what’s wrong with our child but more on the underlying cause of their anxiety. Now, the best way to help your child is to work together to understand their fears and what emotions are the results of their stress.

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My Daughter’s Journey

My daughter has been anxious almost since birth. From a toddler to high school, we’ve tried many different therapies including medication. Some strategies have worked better than others for her especially during her numerous trials and tribulations. I’m happy to report she survived her years as a guinea pig and I’m excited to share the five amazing natural remedies we used for successfully treating her anxiety!

1. Nourish

Diet is one of the most comprehensive and important ways to eliminate stress and lower cortisol levels which causes anxiety and stress in the first place. For years physicians have known that a high protein-low carb diet is best for stress reduction. What else can you do? Add snacks to your child’s diet because maintaining blood sugar levels throughout the day is necessary to reduce anxiety. Also, ditch the dairy and wheat products. If your child drinks sugary caffeinated drinks, try to limit them or say sayonara to them altogether.

2. Massage

First and foremost make sure the therapist is certified and has expertise in child massage therapy. The touch used should be  more gentle and soft and can be done in a chair or even standing. Make sure the therapist asks permission and your child agrees before the therapy begins. The benefits are numerous including a decrease in stress, anxiety and heart rate. Touch, in particular, reduces stress and promotes the growth of myelin the insulating material around our nerves.

3. Acupuncture

Again, make sure your therapist is licensed and works with children. The thin needles don’t hurt, but even so, the treatments can be done with your child sitting on your lap. The benefits are rich and include reducing stress, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, depression and many more ailments.

4. Biofeedback

This painless, noninvasive technique is often used to treat children with anxiety and pain. Kids love this procedure because they will sit in front of a computer monitor watching games, cartoon, stories or listen to tunes or songs. As the images or sounds change, your child will learn how to change their physical state and feelings. It’s an incredible thing to watch as your child engages in this therapy because they have so much fun participating.

5. Aroma Therapy

Depending on the age of your child, essential oils is valuable to enhance mood, alleviate fatigue, promote relaxation and especially reduce anxiety. Because a child’s skin and systems are delicate be sure you research the essential oils used for purity, and that the oil is organic. Children will only use blends that are one-third to one-half as potent as what’s recommended for adults. Lavender and chamomile are both considered safe for children and both can calm anxiety! Try using a diffuser in your home or giving your child a nice warm bath with 5 drops of lavender oil in the water. This will surely calm your anxious child.

Benefits of Natural Healing Therapies

Natural therapies have been around for centuries and are used to restore and renew the body. In most cases they have fewer to no side effects and are less expensive than conventional treatments. My daughter loved the idea that she was focusing on her own healing of her mind, body, and spirit. One extra bonus is when children start to use different non-invasive therapies they value and learn about their own bodies. As a parent this is so reassuring knowing your child is focusing on wellness.


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Maureen Lake

Maureen Lake is a compassionate advocate for mothers who raise challenging children. She thoroughly enjoyed raising her three children and had a first-hand knowledge living a frenzied lifestyle of a mom who typically put herself last. Maureen has spent numerous years as a special education teacher and now a holistic health coach, but her passion rests with her desire to advocate for moms who want to create long-lasting positive change for themselves.Maureen has a new book coming soon: Being Happy, Raising Happy. The empowered mom's guide to helping their spirited child bloom. Contact me for a free copy!

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