Am I Making A Difference?…

Am I Making A Difference?

Do you find yourself wondering if anything you do really matters? I mean, are you making a difference out there in the world? Here’s a clue. You might be looking in the wrong place. And it’s much closer than you think. Did you ever hear the story about the gods that were sitting around talking about where to hide the secret of life? The first god said, “I know, let’s bury it high on top of the greatest mountain.” Another replied, “No, people are always finding ways to summit the highest mountain; they will climb it and find the secret.”

And then one quickly offered, “Let’s bury at the deepest part of the ocean.” The first god shook his head. “No, they will invent all kinds of equipment to help them breathe and survive and will surely find it there eventually.” The third god said “I know – let’s bury it deep within each individual – they will never think to look there.”

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Is it Out There?

When you decide that your life’s calling is one of service to others, you will naturally learn to look for evidence that what you do makes a difference in the lives of those you serve. Are they changing? Are they growing? Are they living their lives differently? You will evaluate the effectiveness of what you are doing based upon what they are – or are not – doing, which is a vicious cycle.

And this fruitless search will be reinforced through any training or research you might undertake. It stands to reason that if we are hoping to make a difference in the lives of others, that we believe that is where we will see the difference – otherwise, it must not be happening. This could not be further from the truth. You have access to evidence that change is happening all the time right where you are. How are you being transformed? How have you changed? How are you different?

Value Your Personal Transformation

As Service Providers, we are encouraged to overlook our own needs and our own desires for change in favor of the other. But, in fact, we are more likely to notice change and growth in others if we first practice awareness of our own evolution. Do not leave yourself out of the equation. Do not overlook the value of your own transformation. Personally, my integrity is a big deal. Now, that’s not to say that I have not been out of integrity more times than I can count – today alone! I don’t like the feelings of discomfort that come along with being out of alignment – of not living my full truth. I do, however, value those feelings, because they provide contrast to show me that I have stepped out of line and this Is encouragement for me to find my path again.

When I decided to share my ideas in the world, I had to learn to shift out of my head and into my heart. I had to learn how to feel my ideas instead of analyzing them. If I was only operating at an intellectual level then I was not fully integrating my philosophy in a meaningful and tangible way. Nobody wants to hear someone spout off about a way to be, to live, to serve as they turn around and do the exact opposite in their own lives. As I came to accept that making my talk real meant I had to walk it myself, I began to notice my own transformation. I got up close and personal with my resistance, my vulnerabilities, my inconsistencies, and my humanity. And I had my finger on the pulse of my internal evolution.

I became aware of a lack of self-compassion and committed to loving myself more on a daily basis. I am aware that my presence has an impact on others. I pray that it always be for the highest good. Sometimes, I get a glimpse of how I have been instrumental in someone’s journey and I am grateful for those moments. The real gift has been in the realization that my work has made more difference in my own life that it may ever make in the lives of others.

And it is worth it.

How do you make a difference in your own life?


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