Why You Need To Let Your Emotions Flow For Your Well-Being…

Why You Need To Let Your Emotions Flow For Your Well-Being

This week we’re going to flow into the second chakra system of health, which is all about our emotions, our creativity and the partnerships that we form with other people. This energy center forms during the second decade of life from around 10 years old to 20 years old. Most people are aware that we have 7 main energy centers in the body. These energy centers operate on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Different systems call the energy centers different names, but almost all traditional systems of medicine recognize these energy centers as well as other minor energy centers, and energy pathways.

In my practice, I refer to the energy centers as the Chakras – which comes from the Indian tradition. Many energy healers work with the Chakras. Chakras are areas where the body is very open to receiving energy, from all sources. When it becomes imbalanced the flow of energy into the chakra is depleted or even prevented. Each chakra governs and works with specific areas of physical, mental and emotional well-being. So, how do you know if you may have an imbalance in your second chakra, a blockage in your flow? The second chakra is also called the sacral chakra, or even the sexual chakra. It is located low down in your torso, a little above your pubic bone.

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How Emotional are You?

This is something that most people are in touch with about themselves, and will certainly be noticed by others, especially if you are a very emotional person! Would people describe you as a ‘drama queen’? Is everything always ‘sooo’ sad, infuriating or delightful to you? On the other end of the spectrum of being emotional, if you do not express emotion very easily, it will often only be people who know you well who can detect this. If you often find yourself confused about what you do actually feel this could also indicate an imbalance.

Chaos or Control

The second chakra is governed by the water element and is all about flow. When balanced it is what allows us to be flexible, to change direction around the rocks in life’s stream so that we can keep moving. We all need a little flow, a little chaos, in our lives to prevent stagnation and allow creativity. If you are someone who struggles to stick to timetables and rules then perhaps there is a bit too much chaos flowing. And on the other hand, if you are extremely rigid and unbending, perhaps your flow is being dammed up.

The Flow of Creativity

The second chakra governs our creative juices and is in charge of our reproductive system, where lies our innate ability to create new life. If you are someone who resonates strongly with the creative arts – you always have to be creating, you proliferate with ideas that you often don’t bring to life – then perhaps this energy is a little too abundant in you. Imbalance can also be indicated at the other end of the spectrum – if you would never think of yourself as ‘creative’ in any way. How do you feel about the color orange? The energetic vibration of the second chakra is orange on the color spectrum. If you have strong feelings about this color, the imbalance could be indicated.

Who is on the Life Raft with You?

The second chakra will play a role in how we manage our co-captains on the ship of life. How open are you to close relationships? Are you always trying out new ones, meeting new people, going to parties or other activities with large groups of people? Or do you find relationships difficult, avoid gatherings and really prefer being on your own? Either of these scenarios could indicate an imbalance in your energetic flow.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is also a good indicator of second chakra imbalance. Do you eat because you’re experiencing a strong emotion, or because you’re feeling numb or bored? How creative are you in the kitchen – are you always exploring new ways with food or do you prefer to buy pre-prepared meals that you don’t need to think about? Being excessive in your consumption of water, salty food, seafood or fats, and oils can also suggest that your second chakra is out of whack.

Body of Water

Enough with all this emotional stuff. What are some signs and symptoms in the physical body that you should consider for the balance of your second chakra? Do any of the following apply to you: water retention, sweating, inflammation, urinary system issues, reproductive system issues, blood pressure problems, frequent diarrhea or constipation, or very dry skin? What can you do to get back into the flow and balance your second Chakra?


  • Fat is essential because the human body cannot produce the essential fatty acids that our cell membranes require in order to function. Get good quality fats from plant and animal sources (if possible): olive oil, flaxseed oil, fish oil (eg.salmon), nuts & seeds, leafy green vegetables
  • Sea animals and plants
  • High fiber – soluble and insoluble fiber is required to balance the way in which food moves through the digestive tract. If you eat a variety of whole vegetables, fruits, and grains you will obtain the fiber required
  • Orange colored foods – carrots, pumpkin, citrus, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and tropical fruits like papaya and mango (5-7 servings a week)
  • Water – aim to drink around 2-3 liters of water a day (adjusting based on activity levels), make sure your water is filtered and plastic-free
  • Make the time to prepare food with joy and gratitude


  • Exercise in water if that is enjoyable for you.
  • Ensure you are doing a movement that activates your hips and pelvic region – yoga, tai chi, dancing.
  • Sweating – if you don’t sweat easily then perhaps leave an extra layer on whilst you exercise, sweating is a great way to detox.


Prioritize sleep because it allows your mind to flow in exploration of its creative state.


  • Spend some time near flowing, moving water
  • Get into the light of the moon
  • Get into water as much as possible: swim, float, hot springs, sauna, mindfully enjoy baths and showers.


  • Citrine – joy, creativity, going with the flow, self-expression, bladder & kidneys, circulation, constipation, menstruation, menopause
  • Ruby – passion, sexuality, blood flow and detoxification, kidneys, reproductive system
  • Carnelian – creativity, metabolism, fertility, kidneys, blood clotting, blood supply

Essential oils

For overactivity

  • Eucalyptus will help you move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling cohesive.
  • Juniper will help you move from feeling distraught to feeling elated.
  • Mandarin will help you move from feeling chaotic to feeling calm.
  • Emotional Aromatherapy blends (Console, Peace, Forgive) from DoTerra

For underactivity

  • Roman Chamomile will help you move from being inflexible to being relaxed.
  • Cinnamon will help you move from being introverted to feeling connected.
  • Lemongrass will help you move from feeling restricted to expansion.
  • Rosemary will help you move from feeling blocked to creativity.
  • Orange will help you move from being solemn to feeling cheerful.
  • Emotional Aromatherapy blends (Passion, Cheer, Motivate) from DoTerra


  • Meditation – look up some guided visualization meditations on emotional expression, listen to some water-based relaxation music
  • Affirmations – I am fluid and flowing in harmony, I direct the flow of my emotions, I am connected with my creative self
  • Emotion log – keep a log of the emotions you feel each day so that you can identify patterns
  • Crying – crying is anti-inflammatory. If you find it difficult to cry then incorporate watching a sad or emotion-laden film into your downtime on a regular basis
  • Ideas –focus on bringing an idea to life. If you have many ideas keep a journal of them so that you can go back to them when you have more time
  • Energy healing


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