10 Actionable Ways To Prepare For The New Year Right Now…

10 Actionable Ways To Prepare For The New Year Right Now

Before you make your New Year’s resolutions this year, take a moment to consider what you want to achieve.

I mean, really achieve.

If you skim all of the top resolutions lists online, you’ll see much of the same. Weight loss, happiness, and fitness become the obsession in the early months of the year only to fade away as our daily routines and habits take over. So why not radically change your routines and habits so that you can finally achieve those goals you’ve always wanted?

The act of shifting your daily routine provides an amazing opportunity to bring new habits and practices into our lives for the betterment of ourselves and those around us. While waiting until New Year’s Eve to set this intention may be the standard, I would love to invite an internal exploration of your wants in the new year this moment.

Here are 10 suggestions to get your creative juices flowing in this direction.

1. Eat More Healthy Foods (duh)

How is your diet? Are you aware or concerned with the source of your food when you are shopping or ordering from a restaurant? Processed foods, foods high in saturated fats and other health killers are not just obstacles to a great body, they are obstacles to a well-balanced life and mindset! Set an appointment with a nutritionist, ask your doctor or read informed literature about what dietary changes you could be making to help propel you into greater health this new year!

2. Develop a Daily Meditation Practice

Meditation is a simple but effective way to bring peace and focus on your day to day life. While there certainly are many types of meditation, the simple act of finding a quiet space or period of the day each day and sitting with one’s own breath can do wonders in the realms of emotional stability, focus and ability to maintain a presence in heightened periods of stress and emotional charge.

Just as this practice invites us to come back to the breath when we find our minds wandering, similarly, when we find ourselves caught up in the moment of dissatisfaction, want of change or whatsoever the circumstance, we can return to the breath in this moment and drop back into our peaceful, whole and true self. Give this concentrated effort and feel your life bloom!

3. Develop a Daily Yoga Practice

Similar to suggestion #2, development of a daily yoga practice is a superb way to bring focus, dedication and discipline into your life. Perhaps you are relatively unfamiliar with yoga or maybe a totally new yogi? Not to worry; finding a yoga class is easily searchable online. Another avenue to explore is taking the plunge into a yoga teacher training. Whether you have ambitions to become a yoga instructor or not, taking such a course is a powerful way to dive deep into the teachings and practice of yoga and learning how to intertwine these teachings into your daily life.

4. Go to Bed Early, Get up Early

A mentor of mine totally rocked my world with this insight – the world’s most successful people almost universally wake up early! Waking up early allows us to maximize the hours in the day and make the most of what is provided to us as a gift of a lifetime! While the challenge of waking up early is mostly about conquering the urge to snooze our alarm or even shut it off, the true challenge for most will be going to bed early enough to get 8 hours of sleep while waking up before the sun! This, again, must be a decision and one that is powered by discipline. If your resolve is strong, once you begin to see and feel the results of this practice, it DOES get easier as the habit is developed.

5. Learn to Laugh at Yourself

We have been discussing discipline and focus a bunch so far, but in proportion, the ability to breathe, relax and laugh each day allows us a little reprieve in life. Take a step back from an unpleasant or challenging situation and find something funny about it! Then, proceed with your decision or action, but with space, this humor has allowed you between the situation and your joyful, centered self.

6. Make New Friends

Not because your old friends are no good, but grow your social circle. MeetUp.com, Facebook events or just Google search social events nearby to meet people you may have never met, but could become friends with, network with for business or something else! The sky is the limit with this one; be social!

7. Change Behaviors That No Longer Serve You

Inclusive of a change like a change in diet, perhaps there are some behaviors, acquaintances or environments you have been acquainted with in the past year that need to go. Intuition is needed for this one! Feel how a person, place or thing creates energy within you and if that energy is not conducive to your goals and wants, consider changing that situation to support the healthiest version of yourself.

8. Observe Your Self Talk

Are you too hard on yourself? Are you immediately negative when situations turn south? Listen in on your self-talk and interject with some positivity! At first, it may feel forced, but as you build the habit, this will shift.

9. Join a Gym or Fitness Club

There are SO many affordable gym options these days! Get into one! Many gyms offer a trial day or even week, so get out there are get in better shape! Your thinking and mindset will follow!

10. Begin to Journal

Writing down what happens each day, internally and externally, is not only a great way to document your life, it has a cathartic effect as well! Take some time, perhaps at the end of the day, to write a bit about what happened. Who did you talk to? Did something come up? Where did you go? These writings can become such an amazing part of your day, you will be excited to get to write each evening!

These practices are a few solid suggestions to get you moving toward a happier, healthier you in the new year! Enjoy the process!!

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