4 Ways To Achieve True Mind/Body Wellness…

4 Ways To Achieve True Mind/Body Wellness

With stress running rampant, it is no wonder that more people are turning to healthier habits. While it seems easier to eat whatever you want or stay at home on the couch, the long-term effects of this involve damage to the body, brain, and emotional self. If you are looking for a way to achieve mind and body wellness, these four basic practices will help kickstart the process.

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1) Focus on the positive

In today’s world, negativity abounds. If it isn’t the latest news, it’s something happening at work or at home. Stress pushes in from every direction, and it can have a significant impact on the way you feel. It can also change your view of the world, causing you to experience negative emotions and thoughts. When it seems like the rigors of everyday life are too much to stand, shifting the focus to the positive elements in your life can drastically improve your health.

This exercise can be done almost anywhere. Concentrate on the things that are going right. Perhaps the thought of your daughter in her favorite princess dress makes you smile, or maybe a moment between you and your spouse takes center stage. Whatever the good, focus on that and let go of the bad. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

2) Increase your sleep

Getting more sleep may seem about as possible as reducing your stress. When doctors say things that you know are obvious and yet impossible, it can leave you feeling defeated. Sure, you want your brain to function at a higher capacity and your body to feel better. What can you do to help the process along? Sleep is one of the most crucial functions of living a happy and healthy life. Most adults need at least seven hours of sleep for the brain to conduct its nightly repair. This is the time when your immune system is regenerated, blood is flushed through to help bruises heal, and the brain stores memories. Without the proper amount of sleep, your body will not function appropriately, and your brain will suffer the consequences.

3) Create a calorie deficit diet

When you eat cleaner foods, your body starts reacting differently. High-calorie diets often result in extreme exhaustion and excess weight. Being overweight puts excess strain on every organ in your body, especially the heart. If you want to improve your mind and body, you have to clean up your eating and get moving. Creating a calorie deficit diet, meaning the number of calories in is less than the amount you expend, is crucial to weight loss. One way you can help is by replacing meals with vitamin-packed meal replacement and supplements. Finding a diet that suits your lifestyle and medical needs may take some trial and error, but sticking to it and losing the weight is worth it.

4) Practice meditation

Meditation is the practice of mindfulness. It involves sinking into a quiet state of being with your breath and your inner self. When practiced daily, it can significantly improve the way your brain functions, both emotionally and mechanically. Meditation has been shown to improve harmful health conditions, such as high blood pressure. When in a meditative state, the heart rate slows along with respiratory function. This can help the body and brain connect to reduce stress and rid the mind of negative thoughts and energy.

Finding a balance of mind and body wellness may very well revolve around how you feel about yourself. Feeling unsatisfied and sad about your current life situation contributes to poor health. Thus, in the quest for achieving a total mind and body connection and wellness, you may need first to discover what your purpose is. Doing this involves an honest inspection of those things you enjoy doing. The perfect situation is turning this into a salary that can support you and reduce your stress. Eating better, moving your body, shifting your focus, and meditating may all help you reach your health goals.


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