Accepting Yourself, Flaws And All…

Accepting Yourself, Flaws And All

Is self-reflection the key to self-acceptance? It is natural to crave tranquility in our relationships. Of course, absolute peace and serenity is an achievement one could only hope for.

We are flawed. It is part of what comes with being beautifully human. Our flaws create pathways for growth and are necessary tools for transformation. When you become more aware of your shortcomings, you can take a step back and reflect on the possibilities of growth. This can enhance how you manage your relationships with yourself, others, and the divine. Loving others often comes more naturally than harnessing that acceptance for oneself. Why do you think that is?

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Acceptance is Key

But when it comes to self-reflection, many of us have a hard time forgiving and accepting our own imperfections. But one of the most crucial aspects of personal strength is accepting both your greatest attributes and your setbacks; the whole picture that makes up an all-encompassing unique individual – you!

Maybe you fall into the category of denial; recognizing your flaws but charging on with thoughts like, “It’s just who I am. I have rage and whoever is in my life will just have to get used to it.” Another approach is getting caught in a cycle of self-deprecation, and it looks like this: “I lashed out on my partner. Gosh, I’m a terrible person. I have rage and it is ruining everything. I keep messing up. I might as well give up.” And so on.

Self-Reflection and Letting Go

Step one to strengthening self-acceptance and in turn enhancing all relational aspects of your life: reflect on a specific area of where you seem to fall short. Recognize it as a necessary aspect of your humanness. More importantly, recognize it as a gateway for growth. Then, let that shit go!

We are the masters of our reality, the authors of our life story. Only YOU are responsible for where you are at this point in your journey. And this point of your journey, this present moment, is perfect. And it’s all you have. Breathe in. Accept all that you are: light and dark; Yin and Yang. masculine and feminine; strengths and weaknesses; triumphs and setbacks. Your spirit is perfect. Seek to fill as much of your earthly body and mind with this perfection. It starts with reflection. Go within, be kind to your mind, and let your unique essence become one with the divine. ☺


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