Find Acceptance Of Yourself And Release Your Self-Imposed Confinement…

Find Acceptance Of Yourself And Release Your Self-Imposed Confinement

Everything harmonizes with me, which is harmonious to thee, O Universe. Nothing for me is too early or too late, which is in due time for thee. — Marcus Aurelius

We Are All In This Life Together

Our distinctiveness, our individuality, and our life experience mold us into the inspiring beings we are today. No matter what our life experiences are, or how we feel about ourselves, we are all divine with amazing gifts and abilities to share with the world. Meditate and challenge yourself to delve into the deepest resources of your heart. Cultivate an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance, tolerance, and truth. We share the responsibilities of sculpting our personalities into the best people we know ourselves to be.

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Our Unawareness Keeps Us Believing We Are Separate Individuals

It appears each of us is independently forging a life with so many other individuals. Am I my job, my family, or a conglomerate of all those personas? At times we feel like a pillar in the middle of a hurricane, with humanity’s madness swirling around us. It is then that I quietly reminded: “Be the Pillar.”

To be the pillar requires a shift, a change in focus, a review of sorts. Try to examine from a greater perspective above the circumstances. Accept don’t expect. Observation goes hand in hand with learning acceptance because you have to accept what you purely observe. Look for the wonder, the miracle unfolding. It may not be easy, but being the pillar sometimes reveals the clues to finding a direction or future path of empowerment that reflects our true nature.

Accept Yourself to Yourself

Reviewing with acceptance of past shadows can free us. As you come to understand any limitation from the past, you learn to accept it with the intention of improving yourself. Know this is where you are at this moment and we can step into the future where there is no imperfection. The freeing quality of acceptance allows us to rise above as our true self. Seeing yourself clearly for the first time can be difficult, so be gentle. Know that your true nature cannot be taken away or diminished by others because your strength lies within.

Continue with this practice until you feel a release of those aspects that created your self-imposed confinement. This may take days or months, yet developing the practice of acceptance will eventually become a way of being. Now liberated, move forward with positive intention and heart-centered actions and life will begin to grow brighter. Always identify yourself with gratitude and acceptance. This is who you are and you are developing with a positive purpose. Give thanks for this life. Be honored and grateful for those aspects within that have the greatest meaning for you.

When the Buddha was dying, he gave a final message to his beloved attendant Ananda, and to generations to come: “Be a lamp unto yourself, be a refuge to yourself. Take yourself to no external refuge.”


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