A Peaceful Path On Your Journey…

A Peaceful Path On Your Journey

Many want to experience a peaceful life, unconditional love and joy. It’s easy to practice peacefulness when we are on vacation or in a nature environment. The challenges occur when we’re surrounded by outside circumstances that seem unjust, unloving and unfair. This is when our inner peace tends to be shaken and chaos occurs both internally and externally. To experience inner peace, it’s important to embrace and accept what is with compassion especially during the chaos.

Discovering your “Soap Opera” behavior patterns that no longer serve you will provide greater awareness to assist you transforming them to a more “peaceful path.”

So let’s examine the difference between a “Soap Opera” lifestyle and a “Peaceful Path” on your journey in life. This will give you the opportunity to discover your “soap opera” lifestyle and learn ways to transform it to a more “peaceful path.”

I define a Soap Opera Lifestyle as an emotional and mental attachment to unjust, unfair, and unhappy situations creating drama and judgment. Soap opera lifestyle occurs during the observation stage, where you analyze a part of yourself, a situation or others where there is a lack of peace. You perceive this occurrence that has a lack of peace, with judgment and react with internal beliefs that could lead to hate and anger. Your focus is on the “outside world.”

You attempt to change the situation and / or person. There is a tendency to want to fix, transform and improve the unjust, unfair, unhappy part of yourself, with others and in situations. Having an external focus with judgment leads to victimization and feeling of helplessness, where you become discouraged, frustrated, confused, and angry. You could experience passive/aggressive behaviors, mistrust and become jealous of others’ success.

This feeling of helplessness will push you into a deprivation focus where you put your attention on what you don’t have and want. You may feel you have to protect and defend yourself and/or even others. Our mind is like a computer, what we focus on expands and creates that reality.

We can summarize the soap opera behavior as expecting results, which leads to trying to control the outcome, push ‘time’ and over doing, Expecting certain results leads to conditions of want with a time limit of when and how you want it. The results are disappointments, victimization and feeling stuck when the conditions are unmet. Many common reasons for the soap opera behavior stem from a “need” for approval, acceptance or love or possibly righteous and controlling beliefs.

The Peaceful Journey is an internal serendipity with circumstances that seem unloving, unjust, and unfair. You know there is a positive reason for this circumstance, which leads to growth, wisdom and opportunities. Therefore, you don’t over analyze and you apply acceptance, enjoyment, appreciation, value, trust and faith with the unknown. You understand that if it’s important to know the reason in time you will know.

The peaceful journey begins with quieting the mind chatter, opening the heart and applying gratitude, appreciation and acceptance. You look ‘inward’ first rather than attempt to change or fix the outside world. You let go of attempting to control situations or people and move into acceptance. From acceptance comes a greater understanding which allows you to then become proactive rather than fear-based. I call this Spiritual hearing, where you have an awareness of your connection to source. You choose to focus on love, knowing the more you come from your heart, the more peace, joy and abundance you will manifest. You accept and have compassion for others, especially when there is chaos, unjust, unfair and unloving situations.

The steps for a peaceful journey is pretty simple, yet can be challenging when obstacles occur. The application for a peaceful journey begins when you hold self-love and acceptance. You value yourself and your work so others will too and you do loving things for yourself to increase self-love. When you see through the eyes of love and acceptance, you hold a ‘light’ of awareness, peace, joy and abundance. There is acceptance and compassion for other living things from your divine heart.

Some helpful hints on staying on a peaceful journey in your path to life are as follows:

* Practice meditations to quiet the mind and connect the heart on a deeper level.

* Practice being at peace with the unknown.

* Relax the mind chatter, calm the emotions and surrender to having to know the answers now.

* Come from compassion and acceptance releasing the desire for understanding and remaining free of all attachments especially with fears and insecurity.

Attachments occur when you personalize other’s behaviors, have addictive behaviors, and over analyze. The book I wrote, ‘Living Life as You Always Dreamed,’ has more on living the peaceful path.

May peace, joy, abundance and love be with you.


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