Why Men Really Do Need Yoga…

Why Men Really Do Need Yoga

Men who are in tuned with their feelings are still masculine. It might be hazardous to say but they might have a greater capacity to touch upon their manliness. Guys that do yoga are usually pretty easy to talk to because they’re balanced, or at least trying to be. They are more likely to be successful, and they’re highly respected in the workplace. They are fantastic partners in life too because they’re open to possibilities.

Stigma about Guys Who Do Yoga

Just to verify, a man who does yoga doesn’t have to have a man bun. You don’t even have to chant. In this day and age in the West, we have made a yoga practice that is a little less spiritual and a lot more scientific.

You will naturally start to think about life in a more spiritually as your practice grows. Through the physical strength, you may also notice other more internal strengths. Maybe you will and maybe you won’t. It’s everyone’s individual journey. You will become stronger mentally and physically. That can’t really be helped. Whether you choose to dive deeper into your own truths is your call.

Yoga Makes You Strong

If you’re looking to be stronger, yoga will do the job. The nice thing is it’s a slower process than you might be used to. Pretty likely you won’t be able to master complex balancing poses the first time you try. You have to earn it through dedication of the practice. Every day, you will get stronger, more flexible, and probably find a great peace within yourself.

Not only will you be stronger for yoga but you’ll also be capable of running further, lifting more weights, and killing it in warrior competitions.

Some Benefits You Can Expect

Your Muscles Will Be Equal

Men who work out will tend to work on specific muscles and forget about others. The biceps might be magnificent but if other parts of the arm don’t match up, everything looks a little off. Yoga doesn’t let you off that easy. You focus on muscles big and small, making yoga a great overall conditioning practice. Yoga is also a key factor to being a better power lifter or maneuvering in any sport you play.

You’ll Avoid Injuries

Yoga is a practice that asks you to control your body. As you become more conscious about what that means and how it feels, you’ll be able to control your body through any kind of exercise. When you consciously move, you care for the body and this helps you to avoid injury.

Greater Stamina

A recent study found that a yoga practice improves respiratory and cardiovascular function. The combined stamina with improved flexibility provided by yoga leads to potentially better workouts.

Reduces Lower Back Pain

If you happen to be working at a desk, you are likely suffering from some form of back pain. It is likely due to underutilized muscles. When the hips and hamstrings get tight from sitting, the back will try to compensate because the whole system is connected. Several studies found yoga not only alleviates many kinds of chronic pain.

Better Sex

Both increased libido and improved sexual performance have been linked to regular yoga practice. In a 2010 study of men ages 24 to 60, yoga was shown to improve all domains of sexual function in men. The breathing techniques and concentration taught in yoga can help men better channel their sexual energy. Better stamina leads to increased sexual endurance.

Flexibility can also improve sex. Combining these benefits with increased awareness of breath and mindfulness not only improves performance and endurance, but the control achieved through yoga can be used to make the experience more intense.


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