Memory Short

I was in a car accident today. I quickly jumped out of my car, checked on the other car and then was shortly on my way. We exchanged our information, and then I went shopping and picked up a pizza for the wife and I. When I arrived home, wife said I’m glad you’re okay, and then we did our usual Saturday routine. Short memory.

My entire adult life has been built around meditation. And one thing meditation does, is keep you in the present. I know many people who would have let an accident ruin the day for them….let alone having a partner get them worked up. In my house, we appreciate peace and celebrate the present.

When I work with a client, I can usually spot the ones who will make the best of their circumstances. They rarely speak of the past. And when they do, they speak in terms of how much better they feel prepared for life now. Short memory literally buys you peace. Being able to move from one moment to the next, helps you live in gratitude. And gratitude multiplies when we give into it.

There will be some pretty bad days ahead for all of us, I’m sure. But to cultivate the ability to move from one moment to the next, without letting it steal your passion, is when your life will become peaceful. Because too many people are still talking about their last relationship, the job they lost, COVID or all of their money problems. And just the other day, one of my clients asked me, “How come you never say why me?” And the answer is why not me. Life is neither good nor bad. It is what we do with it that determines the outcome.

So today I got into a car accident. Shopping, pizza, wife time and a nap. Short memory. It does a body good.


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Vance Larson


I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years who has spent the last decade working as both a Life…

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