Meditative Prayer

Over the last few years, my spiritual journey has grown. It has led me to new ventures, such as completing a Student Alpha Course, and embarking on publishing Everyday Miracles (1). This journey has also deepened my Christian faith.

Simultaneously, whilst my spiritual journey grew, so did my prayer life, and I began doing meditative prayers, where I would fully immerse myself in praying.

I play calm meditation music to help me focus my mind, and just start praying. I pray about anything and everything – from praying for family members,  for job security, for  overcoming adversity, or for good health, to praying for larger and more widespread things such as the end of all wars, for world peace, and for people globally to do more to heal the planet.

When praying, I find that my body becomes light, the time goes by very quickly, and I feel the weight of the world lift off my shoulders. Through prayer, I know that God will take care of everything. Prayers will be answered in the most amazing ways, and miracles will happen along the way.

In my previous blog post, The Power of Prayer I highlight that through prayer, we tap into our own spiritual power, and through our own spiritual journey, will experience countless prayers and miracles.

Prayer is a conversation with God. The God who spoke and formed the galaxies, the universe, the planets and the Earth, is hearing those prayers. Once those prayers are spoken, God will already be at work.

By becoming fully immersed in prayer, I feel more spiritually energized and at peace knowing God will take care of everything <3


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