5 Basic Meditation Tips You Need To Know…

5 Basic Meditation Tips You Need To Know

To Meditate or not to Meditate

…that is the question.

I recently had the opportunity to see Amma.

She is one of India’s foremost spiritual leaders.

Her signature is something so simple: hugs.

Her embrace is said to have healing power; she is a compassionate, loving soul.

Since this was my first experience, I went to her program with an open mind and the hope that I may find just what the draw to meditate is all about.

Her words reached out to me and the time we spent in meditation was awe-inspiring.

So, I decided to take a journey and see what all the noise over Meditation is about.

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Here are 5 Helpful Meditation Tidbits:

1. Approach your meditation with a clear and mindful focus.  In order to truly commit to this inspirational process, one’s mind must be absent of all the busy thoughts we carry with us.

2. Find a quiet and peaceful retreat. Even if you have to create your own sanctuary it will be well worth putting the time and effort towards this.

3. Posture is very important. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine and head upright. A well-balanced body equates to a well balanced mind.

4. The Breath. Let it be natural and focus on it. The breath is a great way to bring yourself into the present moment.

5. Release your emotions and thoughts. This is a tough one. Should you become sensitive to anger or  anxiousness come back to the breath. It will reconnect you to your enlightened state.


These are just a few ideas for an enriching practice. There are many variations on my 5 points.

Feel free to have your eyes open or closed.

Music? That’s your choice.

Meditation has no time limit either.

Sometimes I sit for 5 minutes, and other times I go longer.

It’s your space. It’s your moment.

Your sojourn on this blissful path.

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