How To Find Meditation Spots All Over Your City…

How To Find Meditation Spots All Over Your City

Urban Meditation

An incredible friend of mine once told me that “it is much easier to be sad than it is to be happy.”

She told me this during a very difficult time in my life, and the more I thought about it, the more I knew that she was right. That is when I made the decision to find things in my new city that made me happy.

I started asking my neighbors and work colleagues about what their idea of fun was.

They all  told me that they liked to explore. Explore is an incredibly broad word, so I took it, and I ran with it and what I have found has made me happy to be in a new city and happy to now share it with people.

Find the Art Scene in Your City

A new city not only means new beginnings, but also a great way to see your new surroundings. In larger cities, there is a lot of focus on art. Street art has become the new way that a city likes to show off its local artists.

The appeal of street art really opened my eyes to what happiness and a true natural high can be.

I started exploring abandoned buildings and underneath bridges to find graffiti and little pieces of local art work. Then I discovered mural projects that the city funds.

Exploring the city for new artwork has become quite the natural high for me.

If you like art, look around your city for graffiti. If your city does not allow this type of street art, check out your local art museums. Most art museums are free unless they have a feature artist or display. Become a member of your local museum.

You will not only learn about art, but you may discover local artists that you can meet and spend time with.

A lot of art museums also have places to eat and have drinks with friends. Art is beautiful and a great way to experience a real, natural high.

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Making History


When I moved to my new city of Richmond, Virginia, I did not realize the amount of history that I was in the middle of. There are urban legends here, Civil War cemeteries, famous burials, and famous speeches all over this city.

I had no clue about all of this until I started walking around. The first place I walked to is right around the corner from my home.

It is an old cemetery where Edgar Allan Poe’s mother is buried. It is also the place of Patrick Henry’s famous “Give me liberty of give me death” speech. This is all so close to me and I had no idea that I was headed for this amazing place.

The amount of history in this cemetery really opened my eyes to the new ways I can explore.

It gave me such a natural high to be in such a place of greatness.

The eery part of this, I call that cemetery my thinking place. I spend a lot of time there with the spirits. It was an inspiration for me to help co-write a book on cemeteries and it is a place where I can meditate and enjoy the silence.

This cemetery not only makes me happy, but it gives me one of the best natural highs.

This has been one of the most inspirational spots in my new city.

Finding Your Meditation Spot

You can explore your city and find your new inspirational spot too! You may have already been there a few times, but find something new about it. Explore different parts of your city and soon you may find your meditation spot.

Natural highs are everywhere around us. If it is a park or a cemetery or even an art museum, you can find new ways to explore your city. Take a step back and pretend you’re a tourist. Do some research on the hidden gems in your city.

Who knows, you may find a place that truly makes you happy and could possibly be your inspiration one day.


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