Meditation – Quieting The Monkey Mind…

Meditation – Quieting The Monkey Mind

Many face the challenge in meditation of getting their mind to calm and be still and quiet. Here is a technique that many of my students have found helpful…

When you start to meditate, imagine yourself sitting near the shore of a beautiful lake with mountains in the background. Observe the water. Notice all the waves and ripples on the surface of the lake. Then in your mind, imagine that that water is your energy and your emotions. Really focus on building an association until you can feel the water as your inner energetic state.

Then imagine making the surface of the water completely still and calm, until the surface becomes smooth like glass. It may take a while or a few attempts, but with gentle persistence you should succeed. Then when the water becomes completely still, your inner state should follow suit.

The principle of this technique is making a picture- a symbolic representation- that you use to communicate to your subconscious mind what you want it to do.

Image CC by Kyle Wagaman 2019


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John Smotherman


John is a speaker, consciousness coach, and author of the The Consciousness Paradigm. He’s passionate about helping people build more…

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