Meditation For The Sake Of Manifestation…

Meditation For The Sake Of Manifestation

Cosmic messages

We know you have objections to meditating, you have shared this idea with us in the past, however, we like to introduce to you a different point of view simply because we care about your well being.

Meditation is a way to connect to yourself while neutralizing the constant noise around us, nothing else. It doesn’t take a Yogi or an enlightened being to succeed in it.

It takes only practice.

It may help if you think of it as a technique that will fly you high into your endless potential. Contradictory to what is perceived,  this mind spirit practice -Meditation will empower you as you manifest your creative expression in the material world.

you see there is no separation between spirituality, what we call energy and the physical world. It is simply a continuation of one thing that evolves into creating a cycle of thoughts and their expression -as it is being manifested in cars, houses, computers, money, Tables, chairs – what we call “mankind innovations” which you are surely aware of.

If you think that you can separate your body from your unique thoughts and emotions, or detach money from the energy of abundance you are wrong. Thus the poor can never get rich if he doesn’t change his mindset, and the person who is seeking health, he too must first clean his thoughts and emotions from any negativity before he can heal himself.

we are not talking about feelings such as confidence, or self-assurance, it is much deeper than that. The best way to describe it is by pointing to your own thoughts at night or early morning when you are all by yourself. By that, we mean the kind of movies running within your own maze- what you are secretly thinking and feeling for years now. These thoughts and feelings reside deep in your subconscious mind creating a chemistry in your body as a response.

This obviously affects your hormones and your internal state of homeostasis. You may be surprised to learn that your subconscious mind is the energetic blueprint of your physical existence, what we call your reality.

If you want to change anything in your reality you must first change your mindset and feelings- you see these vibrations caused you to start with, the unwanted reality that you are experiencing right now. We are pointing out to you that you have the power to change your life.

How to connect

Sit in a quiet place, we suggest you do it early in the morning before starting your day. Start by being aware of your own thoughts, kind of watching them as they appear- notice the negative pattern- fear, anxiety, lack of faith, lack of trust- watch them as they come to the conscious mind and then simply breath them out. Keep focusing on your breath, and each time your mind wanders to different thoughts gently pull it back to the practice of your breath. We like to point out that there is no need to meditate for a specific length of time – instead, pay attention to your breath as you bring it to the present moment.

Add gratitude to your practice -you are alive after all- be thankful for what you have now. You will be guided later towards your dreams-no worries.

If you want to change your reality then, you have got to be willing to dig into yourself- you need NO lingering therapy, let me assure you. All you need is a sincere motivation to change- A place within you that cries out for God’s help and guidance.

You may look up in the sky, or travel to far places in search of his guiding voice – ultimately, you will end up looking within yourself where the cosmic intelligence reigns. All you need is faith and a quiet place to connect and listen to its voice.

You are blessed.


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