Meditation A Prerequisite For Opening Kundalini Energy…

Meditation A Prerequisite For Opening Kundalini Energy

Our energy can become stagnate but meditation moves energy through the body.

This is a prerequisite for opening Kundalini Energy.

Think of the Body Meridians as Bio/Spiritual Wires

The meridians of the body that Traditional Chinese Medicine works with can be thought of as electrical wires. These wires are very small there is great resistance and thus little energy is allowed to move through the conduit towards its goal at the crown chakra.

But the lower the resistance we have in the wires or meridians the more energetic current flows from point “A” to “B”.

Meditation Reduces Resistance

When we start to meditate we let go of stress, we let go of worries, we let go of all the future thinking and allow our mind to live in the here-and-now. This reduces the resistance of energetic energy through the meridians. Thus the more we meditate the easier our energy flows up the spine to the crown chakra.

And that’s why all the great yogis, teachers, and spiritual people would put in many hours of meditation in order to have their resistance reduce to almost nothing so energy would flow towards the crown chakra.

This Awakens Our True Spirit and Thus We Change

As we meditate and our energy starts to flow upward and awakens our true spirit within. We are entities of light, entities of spirit, and thus we move to a high plane of vibration when this happens.

Thus our thoughts, our words, and our actions change and we see the connection of all things as “ONE”. And thus our outer resistance changes and we change to become higher evolved beings.

A Very Important Prerequisite for Opening Kundalini Energy

Without this powerful change, our kundalini energy is unable to move upward towards our crown chakra.

So if you want to move to a high plane of existence it’s important to put in the time in meditating in bliss.


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