Meat, Meet Your Match

Following a plant-based diet is one of the easiest, most effective ways to care for the Earth. In addition to supporting animal welfare and the numerous health benefits (like a lowered risk of heart disease), a meatless diet is an incredibly helpful way to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Meat consumption is one of the key contributors to the increasing levels of greenhouse gasses that have caused global warming in recent years. Though an exciting 52% of people have tried to maintain a vegan or vegetarian diet, most of these efforts to eliminate meat consumption fail. So, how do we encourage people to embrace a plant-based lifestyle without sacrificing the tasty meals they are accustomed to?

The answer is simple: people don’t have to sacrifice tasty meals to be vegetarian or vegan. The market is swarming with meat substitutes, dairy-free alternatives, and other sources of protein that make the absence of meat nothing more than an afterthought. The biggest hurdle to overcome is meat-lovers own mindsets.

If you or a friend is looking to find your favorite meat alternative, the biggest piece of advice you can follow is to not expect it to taste the same as its meaty counterpart. Many people approach meat substitutes with the idea that it will taste exactly like the real thing. Though some chefs are able to turn soy nuggets into a real, beefy experience, the reality is that meat substitutes have a different flavor or texture than actual meat.

The difference isn’t “bad.” Rather, as implied, it’s just… different. Tofu doesn’t taste like chicken. It tastes like tofu. And that’s a good thing. Tofu can be prepared a million different ways and served as a staple in countless different dishes. The trick is to find the preparation that you best enjoy– and to stop convincing yourself that it should taste like meat.

For plant-based ideas, check out Food Network’s list of Plant-Based Recipes.


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