You’ve Been Chanting Mantras Your Whole Life And You Don’t Even Know It…

You’ve Been Chanting Mantras Your Whole Life And You Don’t Even Know It


You may not realize it, but you’re constantly repeating mantras.

Surprising, huh? After all, mantras have been used for thousands of years in the east almost strictly for spiritual reasons… and obviously, it’s not like most people have been aiming to get closer to Brahma lately. BUT there’s an underlying science behind them that’s important to understand.

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You’re Chanting Mantras Already

All day long, you’re repeating certain phrases mentally or verbally — and these sink into your mind in very subtle ways. For instance, some people are affirming negative things: I am fat, I am unhealthy, I am ugly, I am not liked, etc. How terrible!

Conversely, some people are affirming more positive things: I am healthy, I am fit, I am smart, I am awesome, etc.

These go on all the time, in one way or another, in people’s minds. It can even be a subconscious thing. This can have a profound effect on the quality of our mood, and even the direction of our lives. This is why it is unscientific and stupid to think that a mantra does not do anything to you. That is not the case! It clearly does. The ancient Yogis and Rishis (enlightened ones) realized this about the mind and decided to harness this fascinating power with active, conscious, phrases in order to better direct the mind.

Turning Around Negative Vibes

That is why it is called mantra kavach (armor); a mantra creates the sense of an armor around you.

Sometimes you meet some people and you feel good around them. They give off good vibes, and you get along. Sometimes you meet people and you want to avoid them. This is because negative vibes around a person make them repulsive. Mantras turn around these negative, repulsive vibrations, into more positive and attractive vibrations. This is the advantage of chanting mantras.

The same is true as well about your own internal dialogue.

Ask yourself: What are my personal mantras? Do they need to change?

Finding a New Mantra

There’s a lot to be gained from finding a new mantra that benefits you in a more profound way.

You can easily just change them to more positive mantras/affirmations, or you can go deeper and try some of the timeless eastern mantras that have changed the lives of millions throughout history.

Here are a few great resources to get started:

Mantras For Beginners

5 Mantras That Will Change Your Life

7 Yoga-Inspired Mantras For Reclaiming Your Power And Living To The Fullest

4 Daily Mantras For Avoiding Negativity

Now when should you do it? If you do chanting after pranayama and meditation, then it has a better result. If you do it at a superficial level, then it is not so effective.

But remember — you can do it! Change your internal narrative.

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