How To Use The Elements To Clear Your Chakras…

How To Use The Elements To Clear Your Chakras


With today’s modern lifestyle, it’s easy to forget about the raw elements and their powerful effect on us. We’re so removed from them in our modern culture that we hardly know they exist! And yet, it wasn’t too long ago in history that we venerated these primal forces.

Ancient cultures used the elements to cleanse themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually on a regular basis. Moreover, those cultures were already intimately connected to nature with their simple lifestyles. But when we start to connect again with those primal elements, we remember our bond to the world and universe around us quickly, and it heals us in an intimate way.

So if you’re wanting to experience this healing for yourself, follow these simple rules to balance your chakras and overall energy.

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The Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air

Earth: Base or Root Chakra

  • While standing barefoot in the grass, imagine the earth slowly absorbing any and all of your negativity. But more importantly, imagine yourself absorbing the positive energy of the earth.
  • Become friends with plants! Hug a tree, sit against a tree, or lay under it and allow the tree to be your conduit to take the negative energies from your being. Try and create an energetic bond between yourself and the plant.

Water: Sacral Chakra

Anywhere you find free-flowing water, go there!

  • Swim in a river, stream, or ocean.
  • Stand in the rain (preferably barefoot on the ground).
  • If you can’t do that, take a cool shower. Feel the water washing your energy field clean.

Fire: Solar Plexus or Naval Chakra

  • Allow your body to be exposed to an appropriate amount of sunlight.
  • Light a fire and allow the warmth to radiate to your body.
  • If you can’t spend time in the sun or around a large campfire, use the light and the flame from a candle (at an appropriate distance) for meditation. Imagine yourself to ‘entering’ the flame to be purified, as alchemists have done for generations.

Air: Heart Chakra

The wind is a powerful force of nature, changing and shifting energies wherever it goes.

  • On a windy day, allow the air element to blow away any negative energies from your energetic field. Close your eyes and imagine all of it being carried away.
  • Certain breathing techniques will bring your full focus to the self and the element of air.


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