Undress Your Meditation Practice…

Undress Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is more than a building block for your Mystic development. It is a channel. It’s a tunnel we pass through to meet our spirit guides, the energetic voice we use to send out our desires and manifestations. It’s the inner ear we employ when listening to our Divine selves. It is the gateway to mysticism and in this gateway, we can paint the walls of our reality.

In traditional spiritual practices, you will meet meditation in its most basic format. It is commonly focused on quieting the mind, stilling the body and opening to oneness. Unless you dive into the more mystic realms of magick or new age streams of living, meditation is not often utilized to go beyond the “void”.

But the focus of this article is to undress this viewpoint of meditation, to take away the structures created to fit a “norm” and rediscover the power of meditation when transformed into a much deeper state termed “Trance” or “Gnosis”.

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How to undress your meditation practice

As we dive into this practice, I know that many of you are already nodding your head sagely thinking you’ve mastered meditation. There are some of you cringing slightly at the idea of “just another person” telling them to sit in lotus, close your eyes, and simply don’t think, don’t move. Take a deep breath and relax.

For the thousands of students I have taught meditation to, there is one consistent whispering from my Inner Divine Diva that “for every one person out there who can softly drift into that place of stillness, there are many others struggling, perhaps even engaging in a battle of mind over body.”

Let me pass on a secret – it’s ok.

Do you know why? Meditation, believe it or not, in its traditional format is not for everyone. It’s not perfect. It’s not the optimal style of Meditation for the Conscious Soul. Perhaps…the reason your meditation practice has not been working for you bringing you those sensational peace-filled and revitalizing experiences is that your Sensational Soul is saying “listen up mind, this just isn’t my style…” It’s time to become conscious of those whisperings and try a new approach.

Traditional meditation

Let me explain.

There are hundreds of traditional styles of meditation, all preaching a specific formula for success. They give you a:

  • way to sit
  • specific focus
  • list of “do not’s”
  • idea of common “experiences”.

Now, I think there is one thing we can all agree on, we are all stunningly unique. If I was to compare my unique spiritual fingerprint to yours, they would each have their own radiant design.

Which means that “traditional meditation structure” with the abundance of rules, is just not for everyone and perhaps, the reason your meditation practice has not been working for you bringing you those sensational peace-filled and revitalizing experiences is that your Sensational Soul is saying “listen up mind, this just isn’t my style… “ It’s time to become conscious of those whisperings and try a new approach.

To truly get the most from your meditation experience, try this

  • Open Your Inner Ears – It’s time to listen to your Soul Self, s/he is Your Inner Guru, and knows what will bring you the most rewards. Ask him/her if your current practice is ideal for you. How? Simply take a few breaths, bring the concept of your practice forward, and listen inwardly. Does it feel good? Are there aspects that feel right? Or is something just not clicking?
  • Bend the Rules – Meditation is a spiritual experience, so who put all these human rules on it? No, you don’t have to sit in a lotus position, lying down is acceptable! Yes, you can dance in meditation (check out the Sufis and ancient tribal traditions), energy is in constant motion so moving your body in synch with its rhythm is a form of meditation. Be willing to adjust elements to make it fit your spiritual makeup.
  • Cut & Paste – Get a bit crafty with your practice. Select components from other formats that feel good to you and reformulate your own. If you love journeying during your meditation (for example visualizing yourself in a healing space) and also find that affirmations work for you, mix them together and create your own. It’s fun and irrefutably effective, plus it allows you to play with spirituality which is a beautiful thing.
  • Quiet the Inner Jury – Smile inwardly during your experience and remember this is not a “regiment” it is a lifestyle, a budding relationship between you + your Spirit + the Universe. If you start rating yourself on your meditation practice you defeat the purpose before you even begin.
  • Employ the Mind – A mind is a tool, thus it needs to feel useful, so give it a job during meditation. I often teach my clients to say “mind I want you to sit back, relax, and not interfere, but just watch listen and learn.” Allow the mind to be the camerawoman during your experience, taping it, but not assessing it in any way.
  • Dance with Your Spirit – As you go deeper into your practice remember to not just focus on quieting the mind, but listening and savoring an engaging relationship with your Soul. We often forget that meditation is just the first step towards trance… and from trance, we can touch the cosmos, converse with our Spirit, dance with the elements, and manifest our reality with ease.
  • Open the Dam – Emotion often acts as the voice of our subconscious. During meditation those walls we’ve built up between our mind, subconscious and Spirit self come down, sometimes creating a bursting of the damn. Let it out. Whether you laugh, cry, need to scream, release it… and know that your Guides are always there with a box of spiritual Kleenex, wiping your tears and cheering you forward.

Meditation is not about how great you are at it, or how long you can sit in stillness, it is about what it does for you, your body and Soul. Meditation for the Conscious Soul gives you permission to play with your own formula; try out different methods, mix them up, and enjoy the experience! Every time you do, you are blossoming a more conscious relationship with your inner Self. You are honoring and listening to that inner knowing first and foremost, not attempting to remold your Spirit to fit a human tradition, but taking the wisdom of that Spirit and creating one that is perfect for you. You’re on your way to Soulgasms!

So go ahead, reformulate that practice and note down what works for you! Being all so wondrously unique I would love to hear what specific techniques you respond to? What beautiful meditation style have you created? and… as you turn inwards with this new practice do you see your Inner Divine God/Goddess smiling back?


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