What Is Superconscious Meditation And How Can You Reach Better Awareness?…

What Is Superconscious Meditation And How Can You Reach Better Awareness?

Superconscious meditation can be viewed as one of the most effective ways a person can seek spiritual awakening and a higher sense of awareness. Through these practices, people can go beyond the confines of their conscious and subconscious minds, into a dimension that is outside of the material world.

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Understanding the three main components of the human mind

There are countless fields exclusively dedicated to understanding the human mind, and for good reason. Some of the things the mind can do remain a mystery to many individuals who are not yet in touch with their own internal powers. The human mind is made up of three components, or “faces:” conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. Each face of the mind bears its unique role and identity, but together they help shape the human being:

  • The conscious mind – is the bridge between the person and the physical world. It allows people to experience life on this planet, partake in everyday activities, interact with others, and more. The conscious mind, though the one people are most aware of, represents only a fraction of the whole human mind;
  • Subconscious mind – lies right below the conscious mind, and keeps a record of everything a person does, experiences, and feels. While in the conscious mind it may seem like some stories are doomed to be forgotten, the subconscious mind never lets go of any memories, even if people may have trouble actively accessing the subconscious. Through meditation, however, it is possible to get in touch with the subconscious;
  • Superconscious mind – beyond the two faces of the mind lies the superconscious state that describes a level of awareness that sees beyond the material world one experiences. It is a heightened sense of self-awareness that can even bring a person closer to true enlightenment.

The superconscious mind may seem like an impossible element to touch, but it’s actually a natural state of the human mind, which makes it very much within everyone’s reach. Superconscious meditation does not create the state of superconsciousness, rather it helps the practitioner achieve this enhanced state of self-awareness. In a sense, superconscious meditation can be viewed as the one path to the true Self, as a person goes beyond what only the conscious and subconscious minds can perceive.

Approaching superconscious meditation

Superconscious meditation aims to bring the practitioner to a state where their perception and mind are no longer distracted by the world around them, and there are no other thoughts that could pull focus away from the meditative journey.

Once this happens, the attention and awareness can merge together and truly focus on the Self, entering the place where the true consciousness exists, unbothered by the energy of the exterior world. In terms of feelings, this may present itself in different ways, such as a complete sense of fullness, warmth, or inner peace. When the worries and restlessness that often concern the human mind are no longer a barrier, it’s common to experience a sense of euphoria like none other. Desires, physical or otherwise may disappear as well, as the person can become “full” from enlightenment alone.

Though it is a natural state, the road to the superconscious mind is not easy, as letting go completely of the material world, even for just a few seconds, is difficult to do. It requires us to go deeper and deeper into the meditative arts and focusing on the Self as much as possible until that feeling of fullness and calmness is reached. Though a journey filled with challenges, it is still a journey worth taking, as unlocking the superconscious mind and seeing it for the first time can have a positive ripple effect on the other two layers of the human mind as well. And this way, life itself is more fulfilling.


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