5 Spiritual Hacks That Will Reveal Your True Self…

5 Spiritual Hacks That Will Reveal Your True Self


In 2010, I was blessed to take part in two life-transforming sacred journeys in Egypt with a teacher that I was studying with at the time. Both 2 week long journeys, ended up being a source of great transformation, facilitating deep healing & awakening within me, the ripples of which I’m still experiencing to this day.

As a soul-streaming alchemy coach who harnesses universal energy to help activate thriving personal and professional lives, I feel that the reason Sacred Journeys offer such deep healing is to do with the fact that they can end up facilitating key spiritual and soul activations within one’s being. Once these activations take place, our soul codes get tapped into and a process begins which eventually gives birth to what I call “The New Human”, a being that is connected to our higher spiritual self and aligned with our soul’s code and divine soul blueprints.

So how can we go about experiencing them?

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A powerful and impactful way to experience yourself on a soul level is by visiting sacred sites around the world. This is a great way to tap into powerful energetic vortexes and harness these deep energies, by meditating, conducting ritual and engaging in collective activity. There are hundreds of sacred sites around the world. To know which one to visit, just ‘feel’ your way into the ones you are naturally drawn to. Our soul knows what energies we need to experience and it gives us clues all the time. Are we paying attention to them? Sacred journeys are essentially pilgrimages, holding intensified energetic intention and catalytic power for change and transformation. If a group journey is not for you, then there is always the option to go solo and there’s probably a good reason for needing to do so.

Meditation practice

Meditation practice, in my experience, is a deep and effective activation tool when used consistently, for a minimum of 15 minutes, five to seven days a week. As we switch off the noise in our mind and drop into the depths of our being, we eventually access the deeper energies of our soul, witness stripped down, non-verbal conversations with our inner self and learn to be more with what is.

Meditation is truly one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and an investment that will keep paying us back for the rest of our lives.

From my experience, attuning to an energy system such as Reiki, Sekhem, Magnified Healing etc., is a great way of re-conditioning our energy systems to a higher frequency of vibrations and then setting that frequency up as our default. Energy attunements are great as they pretty much automate our evolution whilst detoxing our physical mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and supercharging our spirit. As the heightened energies dissolve the lower ones, we start releasing energetic blocks and self-sabotaging mechanisms whilst connecting with our truer, more authentic self.

Illness as a gateway to the soul

Shamans viewed illness as a gateway to the soul and there are specific occasions where our getting ill is actually the only way to be shown that we have lost our way. Illness will get our ego and mind out of the way and reset our systems to a more aligned, authentic experience and vibration. Sometimes ‘drowning’ in our lives and circumstances is what forces our spirit to wake up and start working in synergy with our soul. If our spirit is asleep and we avoid facing the truth of how honestly we are showing up in our lives, our soul will set things in motion in order to change things around. For some, illness might just be the most appropriate portal in doing so.

The community is an empowered energy grid

As all beings are mirrors of one another, it is important we create powerful energetic grids with people whose energy & values we’re attracted to, building a community of passionate co-creators, fueled by truthful, transparent sharing. The impact of conscious collective energy is a great source of activation as we all help one another exchange important data, restore missing codes and reactivate important energies necessary for the healing and awakening of the planet.

To do so, t’s important to connect with others in person and online, as a way of raising the vibration within us and around us.

Do activations impact us all the same?

Yes and no. I find that the impact of activations will depend on a few different factors. There is a spectrum of experience, often influenced by how open and ready we are to change and transform, how the facilitation and guidance of those who are supporting our journey are expertly done, and how attached we are to our ego. Sometimes, activations will bring turbulence and unsettle us if we are too set in our ways and resist letting go things we’ve outgrown. But when it comes down to it, spiritual activations, however deep, are just the beginning of a journey, after which the real work begins.

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