3 Myths About Spirituality Nearly Everyone Believes…

3 Myths About Spirituality Nearly Everyone Believes

Spirituality is the new ‘it’ for many people in the world. Tired of the same-old with religions, they have sought a deeper path that allows them to embrace a wider view of life. But many people still don’t understand what spirituality is, or even if they follow their own alternative path, have some myths about its importance in their lives.

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1) Spirituality is a belief system

Simply put, spirituality is NOT about beliefs. It’s about experiences. Whereas most mainstream religions are all about believing in a higher power, spirituality says it’s more important to cultivate a relationship with the Divine than it is to blindly believe it’s just ‘there’. All of the gurus, mystics, masters, and teachers that have inspired us through the ages never taught us anything that we have to believe in. They taught us things we could discover and experience through reflection, meditation, and introspection. Spirituality is not a belief system or a religious ideology. It’s a way of life.

2) Spirituality is a job or a chore

Many religions teach that you must do certain things in order to ‘be worthy’ of heaven or the Divine. They teach that if certain requirements aren’t met, you can’t reach those deeper states. Often times, people who are embarking on a spiritual path simply translate this same principle to their newly-found spiritual path.

So is this a good thing? NO.

Spirituality should not be some burdensome task.

Meditate, reflect, do yoga, keep a journal, be silent, ascend, stay grounded, become enlightened, achieve Christ consciousness, etc. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming if we think of spirituality as a sort of practice or state of mind we have to reach. But spirituality is all about returning to your natural state; it’s not a to-do-list! Learn how to be silent, rest in the present moment, and let go of attachments that are limiting. You will soon find your spiritual nature effortlessly bubbling up.

3) Being spiritual means being happy all the time

Finding a new spiritual lifestyle doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy all of a sudden. It just means you’re on the path of growth.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to find unhappiness when you first start on your path, because you begin to see your own inner demons in a new light. Spirituality is about the crumbling away of untruths, and that can be a very uncomfortable process. Many people wear a mask over their identity because they’re afraid of who they are and what they think they should be. This is a really unfortunate reality that negatively affects millions of people. But spirituality necessitates authenticity because it’s all about clearing away the dirt that covers up our souls.

Contrary to some of what we hear about spirituality, it has nothing to do with what we believe in our heads, it’s not an exhausting job, and it’s not about living in a state of pure bliss.  It’s about living fully and honestly. It’s ultimately about self-mastery and self-realization, and this can never come without a little bit of pain and suffering.


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