Scientific Research Shows Group Meditation Lowers Crime And Death In Surrounding Areas…

Scientific Research Shows Group Meditation Lowers Crime And Death In Surrounding Areas


We’ve all known for quite a while that meditation is a powerful way to create wellness and spiritual connection. But it’s more than that! It literally has the potential to change the world.

By change the world, we’re not just talking about the individuals who meditate. When large numbers of people get together and meditate, it has an energetic ripple effect on the consciousness of others nearby. People who aren’t even meditating are impacted by the effects of the meditators.

And guess what? It’s been proven.

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The Study

In 1978, there was a fascinating experiment conducted by the Journal of Crime, Psychology, & Law. It observed the shockingly positive effects of a huge group meditation in Merseyside, Great Britain.

Known as the “Maharishi Effect”, 7,000 individuals over the course of 3 weeks meditated deeply in regular intervals. The meditations seemed to have a profound affect on the total crime rates, violence, and casualties during their meditations by an average of 16%! People who were not even meditating and had no idea that this experiment was even happening were being an impacted by such a degree that it caused a statistical change in their behavior.

Suicide rates and automobile accidents also were reduced with all variables accounted for. In fact, there was a 72% reduction in terrorist activity during the time this group was meditating.

From the study:

There were 255,000 less crimes in Merseyside from 1988 to 1992 than would have been expected had Merseyside continued to follow the national crime trend. Demographic changes, economic variables, police practice, and other factors could not account for the changes.

Almost 50 studies have been done further confirming the benefits of global meditation and it’s direct impact on everything in the world, with another study being published in Social Indicators Research which showed an overall violent crime rate drop by 15% when 4000 participants participated in group meditation.

We know meditation has endless health and psychological benefits, but it also has tremendous potential benefits for politics and sociology because of its undeniable impact on the behavior of other people.

How can this be explained?

While no one knows exactly how this all works, there are some compelling theories.

In the eastern traditions, it’s believed that consciousness gives rise to the material universe. The idea is all of existence comes from an idea put forward from the indivisible source of the universe — also known as God, or the Divine. Some people have related this to the Unified Field or Super String Field.

Simply put, consciousness would be a fundamental property of the universe, and since all levels of reality arise out of consciousness, all levels of reality are affected by the frequency of vibration of the superstrings within this field of consciousness.

Here is theoretical physicist Dr. John Hagelin explaining more about this Unified Field:


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