5 Ways To Increase Your Intuition…

5 Ways To Increase Your Intuition

We’ve all had those moments where we know something before it happens. It seemed so natural at the time, right? But in retrospect, it’s a bit odd to have that knowledge drop on you out of nowhere. In the east, they call this ability ‘intuition’. They teach it can be harnessed and used anytime with time and effort.

Here are a few important things to know about intuition:

  • You already have it and have always had it.
  • It will sometimes tell you the direct opposite of what your mind is telling you.
  • Intuition is calm and gentle, whereas the mind is noisy, dominating, changeable, sometimes erratic and often fearful.
  • Your intuition does require an invitation from you to step to the front and lead the way (unlike the mind which is always pushing forward).

To invite your intuition to lead your life so it can be felt, heard, trusted and allowed to guide your choices and direction, requires you to proactively do a few things.

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1. Meditate

Probably the most important things to understand is that intuition is always available to us, but our minds get in the way. Meditation quiets the noisy mind, thereby allowing your intuition to spring forth naturally. Meditation is really the key to unlocking intuition.

2. Feel

We are conditioned to think our way out of situations, but this destroys our ability to perceive our intuition. Instead of just relying on that, connect to your feeling. Close your eyes, and feel the heart chakra. What does it tell you?

3. Trust

Intuition is very clear, but you must learn to trust it, and that takes practice. You must learn to use your intuition as often as you can so you can differentiate between your subconscious imaginings and true intuitive perception.

4. Test

If you’re struggling to connect to and trust your intuition, here are 3 trigger questions you can ask yourself in order to breakthrough:

What is my intuition telling me that I’m not admitting?
If my intuition did know the answer, what would it be?
If I knew things would work out well, and I listened to what my intuition is telling me, what would I do?

5. Gemstones to Use

All these gemstones are fantastic to use when you’re trying to connect with the mysterious intuitive faculties we all have.


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