5 Reasons To Establish A Daily Meditation Practice…

5 Reasons To Establish A Daily Meditation Practice

Meditation is a household term today. Whether on the commute to work, during lunch breaks at work, in community gatherings, or simply in the comfort of our homes, people around the world are finding ways to fit meditation into their daily routine. So, what is it about meditation that appeals to us? What is it about meditation that should compel us to give it a try?

A daily meditation practice can bring us great rewards and benefits. Here are a few:

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Meditation improves our concentration

First, our concentration naturally improves. Meditation is a process of deep concentration. Thus, by practicing meditation, we develop more sustained concentration. This can benefit us in our daily lives. We can use our concentration to develop our intellectual faculties. We have an increased attention span which will help us learn and absorb more information. While most people are so distracted that they only absorb partial information from what they read and hear, meditation helps us absorb more and retain more. This increase in concentration will help us achieve success in our worldly activities.

Meditation makes us more efficient

A natural by-product of enhanced concentration is that we will be more efficient and more productive in our places of work. I have personally seen people suddenly shoot up to the top of their fields after practicing meditation for a number of years. They soon outshine the other employees because of their increased concentration. They are able to produce more in less time than those who have not developed the art of concentration. Meditation helps students excel in their studies. Students are also able to concentrate longer and retain more information. Again, I have seen many young people who have been practicing meditation rise to the top of their class. We all know that those students who do well will be in a better position to attain the best jobs and career opportunities.

Meditation brings about physical well-being

Through meditation, we also experience physical well-being. During meditation, our body is relaxed, and we are free from stress and tension. When we reduce stress in our lives, it enhances our immunity and helps us fight off disease. It also speeds up our recovery from illness and injury.

Meditation awakens us to our true essence

There is yet another aspect of meditation that will have untold benefits in our lives. As we meditate, we awaken to our spiritual nature. We realize that we are not the body or the mind, but that at our core, we are soul or spirit. This spirit is a part of God, and as we realize this truth, we also begin to see all living things, whether human, animal, or plant, as a part of God. We see that there is a soul in every living thing and we begin to see God’s Light shining in all. This is a profound realization that brings about fundamental changes in the way we live. We develop love for everyone and every living creature. We begin to love all people equally and consider them part of our own family. We develop tolerance and patience towards those around us. We develop the sublime qualities of compassion and understanding, and we seek out ways to help others in need. A great personal transformation takes place in us, and we radiate love and sympathy to everyone around us.

The more we perfect our meditations, the more we come in contact with the source of love within, and the more we love and are loved by others. We will find that the things that upset us before no longer have any sway over us. Peace and harmony will enter our hearts and homes. Our family and social life will become peaceful and blissful.

Meditation leads to outer peace

One of the greatest benefits of meditation is that we will not only have peace in our own homes, but we will contribute to the peace of the world. Throughout the world, people are praying for peace. But, as the expression goes, charity begins at home. World peace can only become a reality when each of us individually has peace in our own circles. If we bring peace into our individual spheres, the effect will be cumulative, and it will contribute to world peace.

Put simply, meditation can change our lives. But just as with any other practice, we need to learn to be regular and to perfect the technique if we are to reap the many benefits that it has to offer.


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