7 Best Places To Meditate Around The World…

7 Best Places To Meditate Around The World

Whether you want to unwind or form a deeper connection with the world around you, meditation offers that path. And if you have the means to travel, why not head to one of the world’s top spots known for contemplative allure?

You can get your “om” groove on in the following seven destinations that cater to your inward journey. Stay at a serene retreat or simply immerse yourself in the natural beauty of your surroundings. You’re sure to discover new things about the planet we inhabit as well as yourself.

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1. Uttaranchal, India

If you want to get high on philosophical reflection, you can’t find more altitude anywhere outside the Himalayan Mountains. Uttaranchal, India is home to Rishikesh, where The Beatles paid their famous visit in 1968. The nearby state park harbors Bengal tigers and more if you like to take a walk on the wild side along with your inward journey.

Stay at the luxurious Ananda spa that caters to guests seeking spiritual enlightenment. If you’re female, they offer ladies-only retreats. You can enjoy yoga classes and explore Ayurvedic medicine.

2. Negev Desert, Israel

Your ears will ring with silence amid this desert oasis in the Holy Land. But there’s more to see than simply dunes. The landscape is dotted with mahkteshims, or land formations that resemble craters. The largest is 1,500 feet deep! No visit to the Holy Land is complete without walking the sacred grounds traveled by great prophets. Remember to dress modestly if you hope to enter one of the many houses of worship in Jerusalem.

3. Plum Village, France

When people think of France, they envision the Eiffel Tower and opulent dining. But you can find your zen at Plum Village, a mindfulness practice center in the southern part of the country. Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh founded the center to show happiness and freedom are possible. Hanh is renowned around the world for his peace activism and poetry. Whether you want to pen verses or simply immerse yourself in engaged Buddhism, you’ll leave Plum Village feeling reborn.

4. Campeche, Mexico

You might associate Mexico more with margaritas than mindfulness but not in the village of Campeche. This town located along the Gulf Coast features nearby Mayan pyramids to explore. Climb the mighty staircase and meditate where the ancients once communed with the sky gods. Swimming and snorkeling in the Gulf serve as meditative exercises in themselves. At the days’ end, practice yoga on the beach or retreat to a cozy yurt at La Carlota Hotel Boutique, a glamping destination.

5. Shunkoin, Japan

Zen may not have originated in Japan, but you’ll find temples galore dating back nearly as far as 660 B.C. At Shunkoin Temple, you can explore and learn meditation and mindfulness in alignment with Zen philosophy. They open their doors to anyone curious and looking to explore their true nature. If you’re a fan of TED talks, they often film on location. The temple offers modest lodging and a shared kitchen where guests can prepare healthy meals.

6. Uluru, Australia

Nestled deep in the Australian Outback lies one of the world’s top spiritual destinations. Ayer’s Rock, or Uluru in the native tongue, is considered sacred to aborigines. While you can no longer climb the rock itself, you can tour the adjoining parks 36 red rock domes or “The Olgas.” You can stay at Ayer’s Rock Resort solo or with the entire family. They offer 101 tours and experiences for when you’ve found your zen and yearn to explore.

7. Sedona, Arizona

The tiny town of Sedona, Arizona is a spiritual mecca for practitioners from around the world. It’s not unusual to catch a glimpse of a yogi or Buddhist monk strolling barefoot along the pink sandstone sidewalks. The town is surrounded by natural forest land containing vortexes or places of immense power according to Native Americans.

Miles of trails surround the town, so stop by the Hike House to pick up a map and gear. Head to Tlaquapaque for dinner after your contemplation and dine at The Secret Garden Cafe, which features a wide variety of vegan options and locally sourced organic foods.

Find Your Zen in the worlds’ best meditation spots

You can find inner peace all over the globe. Next time you need to journey both outwardly and inwardly, check out these seven destinations. Your soul will thank you!


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