10 Benefits Of Awakening Your Kundalini…

10 Benefits Of Awakening Your Kundalini

Most of the world seems like it’s in the dark when it comes to the ancient science of Kundalini.

They may have heard about it in passing and scoffed at the idea that there was a hidden force in their bodies, undetectable and unnoticeable. This is mostly because many spiritualists and psychics misguide people when it comes to this important of a subject. After all, it’s hard for a person to relate something so abstract and subtle, without knowing any of the benefits of understanding this ancient science…especially when it necessitates mental and spiritual work.

But in all cases, kundalini is dormant from birth.

And once awakened, the dormant energy shoots up the spine, causing many important changes. Perhaps the most important of these is opening of the chakras, the energy centers that govern our energetic body. All seven must be open in order for the Kundalini to rise. There are many people who have dedicated their whole life to awakening their Kundalini by practicing meditation and spiritual work. It really does take that much effort. If you are one who is attuned to the universal energy, the Kundalini awakening process will be smoother for you rather than be a spontaneous thing. So what are the Kundalini awakening benefits?

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10 Kundalini awakening benefits

  1. Feeling more at peace and bliss
  2. Increase in IQ level
  3. Much better sense of sound, color and sight
  4. A feeling of purification
  5. Psychic abilities are enhanced
  6. More compassion and empathy
  7. Slowed down aging and increase in creativity
  8. Blissful vibration of energy perceived inside the ears as sound (om)
  9. You become more magnetic and can attract situations or people into your life with your thoughts
  10. Increased spiritual connection

Kundalini Awakening benefits through guidance

When the Kundalini is awakened, it is the ultimate tool for self-improvement, allowing long-term positive change. The nature of Kundalini is that it can’t be held back when the floodgates are open, there is no way to stop it. That’s why it’s a great idea to find guidance through an enlightened teacher.

Kundalini awakening can be overwhelming and terrifying, also it’s very primal and incredibly powerful. As the energy moves up your spine, like a coiled snake, the experience can be very blissful or it can be very frightening, intense and feel awful. One thing we can be sure about is when the Kundalini is awakened, the life we know will never be the same again. One of the Kundalini awakening benefits often understood is when the energy moves up your spine, your unconscious thoughts can be brought forward as conscious thoughts. Nothing will be buried, whether you want to deal with it or not. It will be out there. That’s one of the reasons why Kundalini awakening shouldn’t be carried out alone, without a teacher who can guide you through this extreme emotional process.


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