Erik Speaks From The Grave: December Highlights…

Erik Speaks From The Grave: December Highlights

By Elisa Medhus, M.D.

Ask Erik is a spiritual advice column from the eternally twenty-year-old spirit guide, Erik Medhus. Through gifted medium/spirit translator, Kim Babcock, he directly answers readers’ questions on death, the afterlife, spirituality, the human experience, and more with the insight and wisdom he’s gained since his passing.

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Hi Elisa!

I always wonder why those on the Other Side don’t just materialize, do a T.V. interview about the afterlife and end all the “ghost hunting” and speculation. They can be in like an in-person weekly show. I know it’s much more complicated than that, but I think you understand what I’m trying to say.

Thank you for all you do!


Hey Vickie! Ok, well there are countless reasons why we don’t just do that. Mostly though, it’s because there is value in the unknown. That’s the very playground for personal growth, through curiosity and exploration expressed through free will. As we explore ourselves in the material world, that very journey is the bridge to your connection to the afterlife. Growth and personal evolution would stop if you had all the answers, and, how boring would that be?

Hi Elisa! 

Thanks so much for taking questions!  I would love to know why I was diagnosed with this rare neurological condition last year.  I’m sure there’s a reason for it but would love confirmation.

Thank you for all you do!

Much love & Happy Thanksgiving!


Hey Lynda, what’s up? First off, you use the word “rare.” Rarity, in this case, only shows the depth of the illusions we live in. Most people live in illusions, and they get deeper and deeper as we emotionally react to them. So your health is a direct reflection of your thoughts, and, for you, it has more to do with your lack of confidence and self esteem at an early age. This lack of confidence affected all of you and became emotionally systemic. Now, it’s manifested in a physically systemic way. You have to work on believing in your body’s ability heal and allow it to heal. Say yes to healing. Unconsciously, you’ve believed in the illusions your attachments have created, again at a very early age. Disappointment has often been a struggle for you but is only present because of your attachments to your expectations. Becoming conscious of them is the key to dissolving them. Disappointment eats away at your soul and eventually will manifest into an autoimmune type disease that will do the same to your physical body. You are enough, so allow yourself to truly embrace that thought.

Hey there! I was just wondering about auras and if the primary color of someone’s aura can change. Can you tell me what color my aura is? Thanks so much.


Wassuupp Desirae! Auras can tell a lot about a person and yes, they can change. Your consciousness changes and that determines the color of your aura. Wherever your focus is in life will determine your colors. You personally carry a lot of red in your aura. You’re a person that carries a lot of passion; you’re creative and usually very passionate about whatever you do.  I like reds. They’re pretty loyal too, sometimes to a fault. Take care of yourself, and don’t spread yourself too thin.

Hi Elisa,

My question is: What does the government know about the afterlife?

Kind regards,


Well, my friend, they’re pretty much in the same boat as everyone else. The government does have connections with and ties to the Other Side. They use psychics and intuitives as well to make decisions. Some in the government even rely heavily on numerologists for important decision making. Overall, they aren’t ahead of the game in knowing something that everyone else doesn’t know.

Hi Elisa!

Ragan from Facebook here! I’ve always wondered if the job I set out to do, which was  to care for animals, is a worthy job?  So many people continue to harm animals and not take animal caregivers seriously or give them the credit they deserve.  It has never been considered a prestigious job, and most people do not make much money doing it. I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck because it just doesn’t pay well, but the reward is so great.  I would like to know if the spiritual world recognizes people who care for animals.  Is there ultimately going to be some sort of credit or acknowledgment to those who help animals?  Will the country begin to change and see that vets, technicians, receptionists, kennel assistants who help living creatures that cannot help themselves are very special people?  Will there be better animal rights laws?  Can we one day hope that our families and friends finally see that, although we do not make a lot of money or we didn’t go to college, we do something that is selfless and compassionate?  

Thank you! Love and Light to you!


Hey girl! All right, lots to untangle here. First, money will pass away and be gone, but fulfillment and growth won’t. Do what fulfills you and promotes your personal growth.  The industry itself is still one that is appreciated when it’s convenient, or needed. It one of those that fly under the radar until it’s needed, then it’s highly appreciated. The selflessness and compassion required to work in this industry is something to be respected. However, your fulfillment and happiness should not be based upon others’ ability to validate you in what you do. You do it with heart, with compassion, and that, in itself, fosters your growth. Keep it up!

Good afternoon! Would you ask Erik what is in store for me over the next year? I’m unemployed and trying to get disability due to anxiety and depression. I tried to commit suicide two years ago. I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s very hard.

Thank you for all you.


Hey Dianna. First,  understand that I can’t just give you your future. You have free will, and the concept of time is irrelevant. There is no future. What I mean by this is you can’t be saved by what’s to come. You have to decide to make life happen for you instead of letting it happen to you. You’ve become a victim of your own emotional cycle. By reacting to something emotionally, in that state of awareness, whether It’s anger, frustration or anything else, you perpetuate those types of circumstances. You attract in the same way you react. What’s more important is your “Now.” You have to be willing to take responsibility for your actions, or reactions really, to your thoughts. I’m here to tell you that suicide will not end your emotions battles. They reside at the core level within your consciousness, and as consciousness survives physical death, so will the emotions tied to it. Only you can determine what’s in store for you in the next year, and as soon as you say yes to growth and positivity, you’ll open the door for amazing  things to happen.

Hello Elisa!

My question for Awesome Erik: How and when will my son, Luke’s, seizures stop?

Thanks. I love you! 


Beth, your son’s health issues are tied to past life experiences. He experienced emotional trauma that he still carries subconsciously. Cell memory infuses his body with the recurrent cycle of this emotional trauma and manifests as seizures. Quantum healing techniques and tapping techniques can help decrease the severity. Guided past life regressions will also help.

Hi Elisa,

My question for Erik is: I recently lost my job and have found it really hard to be thankful for anything, especially life itself. Do you have any suggestions on how to continue being thankful when one is so down?

Thank you!


Yessenia, let your gratitude be free of being associated with time. Be present with yourself in each moment, and give thanks knowing that your presence is capable of anything. It takes this phase to get you to the next level of your self-awareness. You, in the present moment, is all you’ll ever have, so start there. Gratitude contingent upon circumstances is not true gratitude. You have an attachment to your expectations, and that is why it is hard for you to let go. Don’t let your imagination run wild with this in a negative way.  Chose better for yourself, and you’ll have it.

Hi Elisa,

Could you ask Erik what I can do regarding my phobia with animals? Right now I’m not in a financial position to get hypnosis done, and since being in Australia this last summer with all the creepy crawlers and the birds are swooping, I live in fear every day.

Thanks Elisa. Sending love,

–Colleen Italiano

Hey Colleen. Phobias suck, because they are deeply hidden and rooted in your subconscious. Phobias stem from a lower state of consciousness that speaks a different language to the Universe, a language of fear. When you believe in your fears, phobias and anxieties take over. A lack of presence is what causes the fear. Basically your mind runs with the “what if’s,” which is associated with the illusion of the future. Remember there is only Now, no past or future. When you take yourself out of the present moment with fear as your automobile, panic, anxieties and phobias will soon follow. Practice being in harmony with yourself and being in the present moment. This will help minimize the phobia. Guided meditation, which is available online on through iTunes, can help and there are some that not only help you stay in the Now but also address phobias, specifically.

Hi Elisa,

I want to ask Erik about the eye troubles that have been really irritating me for the past 10 years. I was10 years old when they began and am now 21 years old, but I feel as though I have the eyes of an elderly person. The same month that I started wearing glasses, I also started having eye pains. This turned out to be due to chronic dry eyes. Two years later, I found out I’m a “glaucoma suspect.” What is the spiritual reason for this, especially the chronic dry eyes?



Hey Candice! Most of the time, manifestations of eye problems stem from the lack of consciousness with yourself at that level. So, truly see yourself, and accept what you see on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. The key, though, is to allow yourself to see rather than forcing yourself to see. Believe in your ability to heal yourself. Also, stop saying, “What next?” The Universe will respond to where you are with that on a vibrational level, and you’ll attract more of the same crap.

Erik Medhus is an eternal twenty-year-old young man who passed away on October 6, 2009. From his new place in Heaven, Erik’s main occupation is as a spirit guide who helps those who struggle with their human experience, and he is the inspiration and contributor to the Channeling Erik blog and community. With candor, sincerity, and humor, Erik shares his own full story, My Life After Death, A Memoir from Heaven (September, 2015).

An internist in Houston for over thirty years, since her son’s suicide in 2009, Dr. Elisa Medhus retired her practice and has written a book about her continuing relationship with him, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side (October 2013) and has created a blog,, that has over 30,000 subscribers and over 250,000 hits per month. Read the blog daily to catch the next call out for questions for the Ask Erik column.

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Psychic medium Kim Babcock has been developing her spirituality for the past ten years. Kim’s spiritual path led her to become an ordained minister and founder of Serenity- Mind Body Spirit LLC in mid-eastern Ohio, where Kim currently practices her psychic medium services and level II Reiki. She also leads meditation classes and spiritual development workshops. Learn more at


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Elisa Medhus

An internist in Houston for over thirty years, since her son’s suicide in 2009, Dr. Elisa Medhus retired her practice and has written a book about her continuing relationship with her deceased son, Erik, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side (October 2013.) With candor, sincerity, and humor, Erik shares his full story. Together they have created a blog,, that has over 30,000 subscribers and over 250,000 hits per month.

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