Acceptance Through Yoga And Meditation: Creating A Peaceful Self…

Acceptance Through Yoga And Meditation: Creating A Peaceful Self

My younger brother unexpectedly passed away three years ago. I was spending some time with a friend, when I received the call. I can remember the emergency room nurse say, “I’m sorry we did everything we could to save your brother’s life”.

At that moment time stood still, I really don’t remember much after that. I do know that I felt I was in a vice that was so tight around me, I couldn’t breathe. Several days later I started having intense back spasms. The spasms got so severe, that often times it brought me to my knees. I tried massage, medications, and exercise. I also had many chiropractic sessions.

Nothing seemed to work. I had always been someone who stayed physically fit, but after this unexpected loss, my health started to decline.

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My Journey to Yoga and Meditation

A friend of mine stated that yoga might be the answer I was looking for improving my health. She also convinced me that meditation might also help me with my feelings of loss, suffering, and non-acceptance issues. As I progressed with my yoga and meditation practice, my real healing began. It wasn’t easy, but I continued to persevere with my practice. Yoga helped me to create a stronger more flexible back. In fact, my whole body was transformed.

Meditation created a foundation for me to learn and embrace acceptance. Accepting what is, and learning to let go of things that I have no control over. It has been quite the journey, but the rewards have been life- changing.

Finding Peace In Painful Times

By accepting what is, I have become more peaceful. I understand what it means to be in the present moment. I have learned not to fear the cycle of birth, life and death. I have learned that nothing last forever and I am thankful for what is. I miss my brother everyday, but I try and honor him by the way I conduct my life. Death is inevitable, and as Buddha has mentioned it is in the lost of a loved one that we learn to appreciate life. Our journey in life is illustrated in this most thoughtful quote:

“The spiritual path calls on us to heal old wounds, to feel our feelings instead of ignoring them, to use meditation as a tool to investigate our inner world and our self.” –Suzanne Heyn


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Carolyn Duke

Carolyn Lepore-Duke is a Registered Nurse, Educator and Certified Fitness Practitioner. She holds a Masters degree in health and wellness. Other interests also include writing for health magazines and guest speaking on health topics.Carolyn is a student of Yoga and Ballet. She currently resides in Northern California.

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