Here’s Why You Should Meditate After Your Early Morning Coffee…

Here’s Why You Should Meditate After Your Early Morning Coffee

Meditation plus coffee work in a synergistic way that might surprise you...

Life is stressful – almost everyone we know is busy. People are running hectic schedules, which can produce stress. According to the American Psychology Association, almost all adult Americans suffer from moderate to high stress. This is where meditation, among other stress-relieving techniques, come in. But when should you have your meditation — before or after your morning coffee?

Many people either take a hot mug of coffee to kickstart their day or meditate. However, you can do the two back-to-back and create a great mood to last you the whole day. Meditation and taking coffee do not have to be separated; they can be done together for a better feeling. Both meditation and coffee are great when you need to center your attention on your day’s work.

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What are the benefits of morning coffee and meditation?

Millions of people take coffee every morning. It’s one of the common rituals that most people have to get their day started. Coffee beans have a lot of antioxidants that improve your body’s health by fighting toxins in your body. But meditation has benefits close to those of coffee. When you meditate, you relax your body. After a session of meditation, you are more alert, mindful, and have increased confidence, just like coffee.

In a world where everyone is busy, meditation helps you rewire your brain to a different state, letting you experience the world around you afresh. If you form a meditation habit, your well-being will improve emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Again, daily meditation gives you emotional resilience, adaptability, improved focus, a sense of fulfillment, and you will manage your stress better. Besides these, meditation impacts many other aspects of your life, which is why you should make it a daily routine.

Why is it important to take coffee before meditation?

You do not need coffee before meditation, but when you take coffee, you meditate better. How so?

Form a coffee-meditation routine

It’s challenging for most people to follow daily routines even when they know the routine is right for them. Meditation gives better results when you are mentally awake and ready. Some people have issues meditating because their minds are still not awake in the morning. So, you might sit on your bed to meditate and instead end up in a dream. To kickstart your brain, you can take a hot cup of coffee and then proceed to meditation. This way, you will be mentally awake.

If you make this a routine, your body finally gets in tune with it. After you take a hot cup of coffee, sit calmly and quietly. When you repeat this often, your brain will associate your early morning coffee with silence and tranquility.

Caffeine enhances your mood

Caffeine is responsible for the release of the hormone dopamine, which creates a feeling of elation. Meditating in a good mood will help you focus on this positivity. When you are tired and in a bad mood, calming your brain to achieve the results you need during meditation is challenging.

The euphoric feeling that comes with a cup of coffee every morning sets you in the right mindset to enjoy your meditation session. With time, you will learn to associate the right feelings with meditation. If you get to meditation immediately after taking coffee, you will feel more alert without any of the negative side effects.

Better focus

Caffeine from coffee stimulates your brain for better focus. Meditation, on the other hand, lets your mind relax. Taking the two back to back might seem counterproductive, but they complement each other. When you take a cup of coffee, you increase your focus and can carry out a single task very efficiently. When you meditate, you also aim at increasing your attention on one single task and to block out a diverse stream of thoughts.

A cup of coffee also betters your attention and focus, letting you go deeper into meditation.

Create a routine

If you have to keep both your coffee and meditation rituals, you need to be ready every morning. This means you will have to wake up early, 20 minutes earlier than you would if you were getting ready for work. Ensure you are as comfortable as possible – find comfortable clothing, brush your teeth, and do anything else that makes you feel at ease. Find a spot where no one will disturb you and make it your meditation spot. There are many meditation techniques – the best is the one you are comfortable with. There is no one meditation technique that is fit-for-all.

Meditation is practiced – to be better at it, you have to do it every day. Even if you hate waking up early, meditating every morning will make your days better, and you will look forward to waking up. With coffee to enhance your meditation, you will be better at meditation within a short period.


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