The Best Reasons To Start A Weekly Dream Practice…

The Best Reasons To Start A Weekly Dream Practice

Dreams hold the keys to the deepest essence of being. They speak in pictures and symbols and each one has a profound message to uncover. Your dreams speak to you each evening, if you are willing to listen. Some people don’t remember their dreams, but that doesn’t mean they don’t dream as everyone dreams each night during the R.E.M. phases of sleep. Beginning a dream practice doesn’t have to feel like hard work—it can be fun and enlightening, and interesting to study. And, if regularly remembering your dreams hasn’t been your personal experience, the new challenge of engaging your mind-body-spirit will help open you up to greater consciousness. If you want to dig deeper into your dream meanings, I recommend starting a regular dream practice, and devoting time to your personal dreamscape each week.

All you need to start is a pen and a journal where you can record your dreams. Use this journal to record the details of the dreams you remember from each evening’s sleep. Be sure to write down who was there in your dream, what colors you saw, and any significant events that occur in the dream. Here are the benefits and best reasons to start a dream practice:

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Balanced Mind, Body, Spirit

During dream time, your body is resting and your mind is integrating the experiences of the day. The mind is also working through emotional content that is part of you and your experiences. In dreams, we each also have access to other dimensions of reality, which includes being able to reconnect with loves ones who have passed on. During sleep the mind, body, and spirit are all working together to create balance and wholeness. A weekly dream practice can put you in touch with this process and bring greater awareness to how your particular mind-body-spirit system processes and integrates information.

Process Emotions

Processing emotions is a large part of dream content. Maybe you are experiencing a challenge at work and aren’t sure yet how to handle it. Your dreams may give you the clues. Or, perhaps you’re working on relationship dynamics with a loved one, and they appear in your dreams with symbolic messages that show you how to best evolve that dynamic. Still others may experience a challenging or traumatic event and find that the details of that event appear in dreams. All of these instances are examples of how your psychological and emotional systems process and integrate information. When a dream gives a feeling of slight disease (or fear in the case of nightmares) these are actually good signs that you are processing and integrating the information in a healthy way.

Great Connection to Intuition

Intuition can speak to you by way of your dreams. How many times have you heard about people who know certain things are going to happen before they actually do because they had a dream about that event? Dreams provide you greater access to your intuition because during dream time the conscious mind is “at rest.”

Therefore the filters of your conscious mind are not actively judging information and how worthy that information is to your present moment awareness. With the conscious mind at rest, intuition has a greater voice to speak through your dreams.

Greater Access to Creativity

It’s true that many gifted people who have been innovators in the world got their creative insights from dreams. Albert Einstein, Paul McCartney, and Marie Curie just to name a few. During dream time, you have direct access to your creative spark because, just as the voice of intuition increases in dreams, so too does creativity.

Deepen Your Process of Self-Healing and Self-Inquiry

During sleep, the body is rejuvenating, and so is the mind. If you’ve mastered your beginning dream practice and want to take it further, you can use the dreamscape as a technique to provide self-healing and self-inquiry. Once you start to actively participate in your dreaming process, the mind-body-spirit will begin to respond.

The process of dream incubation is what advanced dreamers use to create a dialogue between the conscious and subconscious mind. In this process you can ask yourself questions that will be answered by the symbols of your own dreams, and, in turn, direct the focus of dreams toward self-healing and deeper self-inquiry. Once you begin your practice, I also recommend taking note in your journal about the date each dream occurred so that you can see if any patterns of dream content begin to emerge. Over time, it’s possible to become adept at dreaming and Dream Incubation in order to experience a regular dialogue between your mind-body-spirit.


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