7 Steps To Attract Your Ultimate Success With Meditation…

7 Steps To Attract Your Ultimate Success With Meditation

Negative thinking usually leads to negative outcomes, right? But why? Because when you really think about it, everything is just energy. When we have a certain thought process, it attracts similar vibrational frequencies. Negativity attracts negativity, and positivity attracts positivity.

So if negative thinking manifests negative outcomes, can a positive approach to our thoughts attract positive outcomes to our life? Of course. Here’s how you can get started on this important journey.

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1) Get Settled

First, find a good meditation spot — one that will allow you to relax and concentrate. Then sit up straight, close your eyes, and do some deep breathing.

2) Press the Center of Your Forehead

This is the all-important region known as your third eye, and it connects you with all your other spiritual centers. With your index finger, press firmly for a few seconds then release and drop your hand down.

3) Visualize the Third Eye at the Center of Your Forehead

Visualize the third eye beginning to open, like curtains being pulled apart to let in light.

4) Envision Success

Whatever your definition of success is, visualize it. See, hear, smell, touch the scene of your mind. Feel that it’s happening right now.

5) Follow With an Affirmation

Typical affirmations begin with ‘I am….”I am free from suffering. I am full of love. I am debt free. “. Other affirmations which worked for me include “I attract…I have…” The affirmation should be a present statement only, not in the future or in the past. The Divine doesn’t respond to “I might be…I will be…” Say your affirmation 5-10 times and do it with deep concentration. Mean it, feel it, believe it!

6) Return to Your Visualization

What do you feel as a result of your goal/dream being realized? What would your life feel like? Hold that feeling in your heart.

7) Return to Your Breath

Embrace gratitude for anything associated with your visualization. When you feel ready, open your eyes and take a moment to feel any changes in the body, in the mind, following your exercise in raising your vibrations. You can do this practice as long as you want. The deeper and longer you get into it, the higher the likelihood of your desired outcomes to manifest because your ‘frequency’ is increasing. Whatever your results are, stick with it and be on the lookout for coincidences and synchronicities that suddenly appear. These are clear signs you’re beginning to manifest. Good luck!


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