7 Step Guide To Releasing Stress And Anxiety With Mindful Breath Meditation…

7 Step Guide To Releasing Stress And Anxiety With Mindful Breath Meditation

Mindful breath meditation can go a long way to relieving stress and anxiety.

Many of us tend to have a bit of difficulty practicing meditation. Being still and silent can be tricky in a world where we are constantly bombarded by distractions at our every turn. So to sit and be still with ourselves, and to quiet our mind can be somewhat of a challenge. But with practice, patience and perseverance, it can be done.

Learning how to create a Mindful Breath Meditation practice can help you release stress and tension, and bring clarity and calm into your life.

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Getting started

When beginning your meditation practice, you can intentionally prepare your space by dimming or turning off any lights, lighting a few candles or incense, or cleansing the space with sage. You can choose to play background music such as the sound of water trickling down a stream, gentle ocean waves lapping on the shore, peaceful and pleasant sounds of nature, or you can choose to be in silence.

Creating this environment each time consciously and unconsciously tells your body that it will be entering into a state of connection to mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Body scan

Start your Meditation by performing a body scan. A body scan is a process of “checking in” with the body and recognizing any places where you may be holding tension or stress. The body scan encourages you to become more aware of the sensations happening in your whole body from your little toe, to the top of your head. It also trains your mind to be able to move from focused attention to a wider space of complete awareness.

Chakra energy awakening

Chakra Energy Awakening is where you gently tap seven times on each main Chakra starting at the Crown Chakra (top of your head) until you reach your Base/Root Charka, (bottom of your spine). As you tap and move through each Chakra, visualize pure, clean and clear white light filling up your entire body on every in-breath, and on each out-breath visualize all the stress and tension leaving the body through the bottoms of your feet. A Chakra Energy Awakening is a means to activate and energize each Chakra, and it also helps you release blockages and stored emotions within your etheric body.

Use your breath as your guide

During your practice allow your breath to be your guide and connect deeply to the sensations happening within your body. Anytime a thought comes up and your mind wanders, as it often does, simply observe the thought, envision it drifting away, and then return back to the breath. Be sure to refrain from any expectations or self-judgment during your practice. You are not striving for perfection, you are aiming for progress.

Energy crystals

You can hold energy crystals in the palms of your hands during your meditation. The stones will act as a reminder for you to return to the breath when your mind has wandered off. Because our unconscious mind is so powerful and remembers what we tell it, be sure to set the intention of why you are using the stones before you begin.

Ending your meditation

Slowly end your practice by taking three deep and beautiful breaths in, and then release. Offer gratitude for the sense of calm and clarity the meditation has brought you, and commend yourself for taking conscious and inspired steps toward growth, healing, and self-development.

Mastering meditation

We can learn to master the art of meditation by making it a part of our daily routine. This is how we can retrain the body and mind which then enables us to create inner lasting change and new and healthy habits.

It’s also important to remember that there is no “right” way or “wrong” way to meditate. I believe many of us avoid meditation because we think of the Buddha sitting in a perfect posture under the tree with his mind empty and clear of any thoughts. But the truth is, we can’t clear away all of our thoughts and empty our mind, but we can certainly quiet our thoughts and slow them down. And like all things, it takes practice, dedicated time, and intentional effort to achieve anything we set out to do.

Starting off with a Mindful Breath Meditation, even five minutes a day can ultimately be life changing and have powerful and profound effects in your internal, and the external world.


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