15 Pro Tips You Need To Know When Starting A Meditation Practice…

15 Pro Tips You Need To Know When Starting A Meditation Practice

1. Sit for just two minutes

It seems small, but it’s just a first step. You can increase the time as you feel comfortable.

2. Do it first thing each morning or night

Stick to a routine! Or you’ll never do it, trust me. It’s not something that comes naturally, so you have to stick to something in order to make it work.

3. Don’t get caught up in the little details — just do it

Don’t worry about how you’re supposed to sit or where. It’s better to just start your routine and change things as you move along.

4. Be honest with how you’re feeling when you sit down

Don’t try and suppress how you feel. If you’re anxious or upset, recognize that. Whatever you’re bringing into the session is ok.

5. Do a body scan

Another thing you can do, once you become a little better at following your breath, is to focus your attention on one body part at a time. This is a great way to find relaxation if you’re stressed coming into a meditation.

6. Notice the light, sounds, energy

Another place to put your attention, again, after you’ve practice with your breath for at least a week, is the light all around you. Just keep your eyes on one spot, and notice the light in the room you’re in. Another day, just focus on noticing sounds. Another day, try to notice the energy in the room all around you (including light and sounds).

7. Watch your breaths

This is one of the simplest forms of meditation. Just simply watching your breaths has a remarkable affect on your overall well-being, and encourages the mind to become quiet in a really profound way.

8. Come back when you wander

Your mind will wander. This is an almost absolute certainty. It might be frustrating but bring your mind back again and again — no matter how many times you have to do it. There’s a great Buddhist practice for this too: just imagine you’re watching your thoughts float by, like clouds in the sky. Just witness what you’re thinking, and you’ll be shocked to see how you identify with them less and less.

9. Don’t worry about clearing the mind

Meditation isn’t about stopping the thoughts; it’s about shifting the focus. Sometimes that can result in the cessation of thoughts…but just don’t push for it.

10. Get to know yourself

Sometimes half the point of meditation is just learning how you think, and what you think about. It’s shocking how crazy our minds can be!

11. You can do it anywhere

If you’re traveling or something comes up in the morning, you can do meditation in your office. In the park. During your commute. As you walk somewhere.

12. Follow guided meditation

If it helps, you can try following guided meditations to start with.

13. Check in with friends

Meditating with friends can be a very powerful practice, and will sow the seeds of a deeper relationship. You’ll be surprised to see just how bonding inner silence can be.

14. Find a community

Try and find a community of people who are meditating and join them. Find an online group and check in with them. Anything can work, really…even Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, etc.

15. Take the peace with you

This is huge. Remember that you deserved this time to yourself and that the peace you feel belongs to you. Jealously guard it.


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