You Are One With Nature: A Guided Meditation…

You Are One With Nature: A Guided Meditation

Our true nature is oneness with nature. Aspects of our psyche that interfere with our true nature and our fullest health also interfere with the total health of our planet. We are literally interconnected in the seen realms through our biochemistry, and in the unseen realms through thoughts, energy, and intention. As we move into the fullness of our being and release our attachments to the places within that keep us small, we allow our magnificence to shine. In so doing, we celebrate who we are and our oneness with this glorious planet, that supports us unconditionally.

Here is a meditation practice to help increase your awareness of this interconnection:

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Meditation for Interconnection with Nature

Sit quietly upright in a place where you feel safe being completely yourself. If you sit cross-legged on the floor, support your seat and legs with pillows as needed so that you feel comfortable. If you are on a chair, sit free from the back of the chair and rest your feet evenly along the ground.

Close your eyes. Begin following your breath. Notice the inhalations and exhalations move through your body. Watch your lungs rise and fall, the feeling of the air moving. If you have a mantra, breathe it through your body. Invite the breath/mantra into every cell of your being. Allow the energy of the breath and the power of the mantra to fill up every cell of your being. Do this for some time, as though your being were inhaling/drinking the spiritual energy you are feeding it. Be in a place of relaxed receptivity, not effort. As your body/being willingly receives, allow the nourishment to take root.

  • Bring your attention to your root energy center, through your sit bones and pelvic floor. Imagine, sense or visualize that this area is part of the Earth upon which you sit. Sense or visualize that your pelvic floor is made of moist earth, dark, thick and vital. From this earth sprouts life, like fresh, green grasses. Sense the earth and alive grasses within you. Feel the vitality in your pelvic floor. Feel the connection to the Earth.
  • From this foundation, notice flowers sprout from the soil with joy, ease, and openness. Notice the colors and fragrances. Fill your sacrum with this fresh vitality, joy, and ease.
  • Watch this vital energy rise above the tops of the flowers, through your solar plexus, so that you see within you the trunks of trees, their strength, their vibrant, green leaves and how they rustle in the wind. Allow the solar plexus to feel fresh, alive and vibrant while maintaining your sense of rootedness in the Earth.
  • Notice the tops of the trees, how they dance into the sky. Feel the freedom of the sky through your heart, the light, the expanse, the possibility. Feel this through your heart with joy, ease, and delight.
  • Above the sky is the dark night, where stars shine. In the twinkle of their light, there is wisdom, an eternal truth, beyond the ego/mind. Feel this light amidst the dark, starry dance like timeless wisdom through your throat area. Feel the effortless expansion there and simply be.
  • Still rooted in the thick, moist soil through your pelvic floor, notice above the stars, in their blackened sky, the realm of permanent light, not subject to the changes of day and night, but that simply is. This field of pure consciousness flows through all. Feel this light open your mind to the third eye area in the center of your head, where thoughts dissolve into expansive beingness. Be with this light of possibility.
  • While anchored in the thick, vibrant Earth, notice the top of your head, your crown area and how, through it all, is oneness, interconnection. Be with this oneness for some time, while being aware of your seat. Stay in your body.

In this fullness, watch your whole body/being be the entire universe, everything that is. You are the world. Your body is like a mountain, still, vast, eternal, rooted in the soil and open to the heavens. Feel the timelessness of your being in the perfection of the now. Allow every cell to resonate in the eternal truths of your infinite being. Rest in the fullness of who you are.

After some time, bring movement slowly back to your body. Take a few long breaths and open your eyes.


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