How Neuroscience Has Increased The Length Of My Meditation Time…

How Neuroscience Has Increased The Length Of My Meditation Time

I am currently fascinated by neuroscience as I look at new ways of connecting my psychology background in expanding my work as a Mindset and High-Performance Coach. The brain is truly amazing! The whole concept of creating one’s reality is linked to the neuropathways, nerve fibers, myelin sheaths and so forth at the brain level.

The way we think is replicated in our brains; when we think in any one way we are actually physically instructing our brain to release certain chemicals or make new neuron connections in relation to the feelings and emotions we feel through those thoughts. Now I am no scientist, but it made me realize the importance of guiding our thoughts and therefore actions – fascinating!!! Once I viscerally understood all this, my meditation time progressed from a sometimes forced 30 minutes to about an hour and a half to two hours – easy. We truly create our own reality the way we want it to be. I am on a new high!! No stress, no fear – just getting on with life the way I want it to be like. It has been very freeing for me.

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A New Reality

It has always been difficult for me to sit still during past meditations because my mind used to go to 20 million places in one go. It was, therefore, a challenge to remain committed and consistent in the practice. Once I delved into body mechanics, neuroscience and the mind, however, I have realized that I can harness my ‘monkey’ mind because essentially – I am in charge of it.

I have learned that we can establish our own mind ‘tracks’ by removing the old ones; I have learned that we can remove old patterns, habits, and thoughts with new, progressing ones; all through thought alone. Once I understood that our reality today is because of what we thought yesterday and that to create a new reality for tomorrow, I need to have different thoughts; my life changed and my meditation time increased. I became more joyful, accepting and excited for the process. It felt very natural to sit still for longer periods of time. I enjoyed the journey, the process, and recognition that I create my own reality.

Laying New Tracks

I am definitely more forgiving of myself as I lay new ‘tracks’ of thought during my now consistent morning meditations. I am more forgiving of myself as I sit and acknowledge the old tracks of thought, whilst creating newer stronger more fulfilling ones. A new thought, a new reality, a renewed life. Knowing a new reality, the feelings, the relationships, the work I want to engage, the joy I want on the road to accomplishing all of these, certainly helps. I have enjoyed the cycles of growth, of renewal and of gratitude through my renewed meditation practice.

Embracing the Gift of Neuroscience in Meditation

Thinking through the lens of neuroscience has helped me to understand and know that I do indeed create my own reality and if I want a different reality and a different future in any or all of my life situations, I need to follow through on:

  1. actively creating time to meditate
  2. actively think of a new reality and future of growth, renewal, and gratitude
  3. ‘lay down the tracks’ of what I do want and need
  4. think of the feelings I would like to experience for each ‘track’
  5. attach corresponding emotions to the things I do want, through mind visualizations and experiences

The end of it all is that it’s like creating a ‘movie’ in my head of what I want my life to be like and then planning for it as I complete my early morning meditation routines. What are your practices for creating new realities, and how have you actively enhanced them toward a truly fulfilling life?


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