How Morning Meditation Can Help You Survive The Work Day…

How Morning Meditation Can Help You Survive The Work Day


Daily meditation is a really powerful habit to have. Super successful people do it, and they’re doing it for a clear reason. And even if the reason differs from one person to another, be convinced that all the possible outcomes are positive and productive.

Moreover, practicing meditation during the morning hours could prove to be even more efficient than practicing it during any other time of the day. Why’s that? Well, the main reason is that the benefits of meditation will make a significant impact over your entire day. You’ll start fresh, powerful, and motivated. Early meditation is a highly efficient ritual that, besides making you a more peaceful person, also gives you enough power to deal with super hard workdays.

So how exactly does meditation help you to better deal with your tough days at work?

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Meditation is a Counter Effect for Stress

Meditation has been practiced since the beginning of times. It is a mind-body experience that can induce you in a state of total peace of mind and complete relaxation.

What you basically do is quiet down your thoughts. Once you’ve reached that state, you’ll soon start to feel a deeper sense of meaning. You’ll be more connected to your higher self, and you’ll stay aware of the fact that you’re present. If you’re able to get to this state of mind each and every morning, you’ll have no troubles during the day. Stress will barely affect you, and every small little thing that used to annoy you should be gone forever.

Brings Clarity of Mind

Clarity of mind is something that most millennials need in order to thrive. Yet, not all of us are conscious of our present mental states. Some people are trapped in a vicious cycle of thoughts that never end. Stress, overwhelm, and confusion are just a few of the effects that today’s busy digital world produces. If you meditate each morning, you’re leaving everything behind. You are disconnecting yourself from every distraction that stays between you and total silence. After a few minutes of deep meditation, you’ll begin to feel a clarity of mind that you’ve never felt before. It’s like “everything feels in order”. However, each of us is experiencing meditation in a different way, so you’ll never know until you try.

You Create Waves of Positive Energy

Meditation is also a healing activity that tends to eliminate the emotional garbage and the useless thoughts that sit so tight inside of us. Once we become fully aware of the present moment, you’ll start appreciating everything more than you usually do. You’ll become secure of your actions and you’ll start to feel very self-confident.

George Mitchells, CEO at CareersBooster, is a daily meditation practitioner. He cared to share one important insight:

Once you manifest this positive attitude towards life, you’ll begin spreading the energy around. Your friends, family, or other people might even report that you’re making their days better. If they feel a positive vibration which is coming from your side, they’ll pay it back with even more positivity and good intentions.

It Makes You More Emotionally Stable

Let’s not forget that all the stress and the negative garbage that comes from the same stress will actually bring disadvantages in your life. One of those negative effects would be emotional instability that often manifests itself through unpleasant emotions such as anger, fear, or anxiety. In order to protect yourself from such a terrible state of being, you need to practice more mindfulness and meditation. If you agree with yourself that every morning you’ll get out of bed and incorporate meditation into your morning routine, you’ll soon feel how your emotional securities begin to improve.

Every positive feeling that you’re generating through meditation is going to diminish or even completely replace the negative feelings that are actively dragging you down.

You Get More Energy and Better Moods

Here’s another amazing benefit that’s expecting you the moment you enter meditative states. Who in the world doesn’t need more energy to do more throughout the day? I’d say we all need it, but we’re not doing what we really have to do. Meditation has been proven to protect you from work burnouts. It also improves your cognitive abilities and focus. Therefore, you’ll feel more energized and your moods will not come as an up and down rollercoaster anymore. If you start your day cultivating these states of mind, your day could be nothing but awesome and productive!


Never underestimate the power of meditation. If you haven’t experienced it yet, don’t wait for a second longer. Start to plan your morning, do some research, put it into action, and do it again and again during next mornings. The states that you’re experiencing during a meditative state could be barely explained through words. You have to experience it. And when will you experience it? Well, you’ll know.


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Eva Wislow

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