3 Meditations You Can Do Without Anyone Knowing…

3 Meditations You Can Do Without Anyone Knowing

Sometimes you just don’t want to be that “woke person” sitting cross-legged on the floor humming mantras. Sometimes you need to calm your nerves inconspicuously in a public setting. Luckily, almost anything can be a meditation if you give it your conscious attention. Here are 3 exercises that you can use to calm your mind and get into a zen state whenever, wherever.

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1) Hope that person is happy

This is an exercise that I learned from Chade-Meng Tan. It’s incredibly simple.

Whenever you have a few moments of downtime, find the first person you see and think, “I hope that they are happy.” Genuinely wish it for them and then feel how good YOU feel simply by wishing them happiness. Bathe in your own compassion. When the thought and feeling slip, find the next person and wish them well in your mind. You don’t have to say it out loud, you don’t have to stare at them in a creepy way, simply look up, notice them, and hope that they’re happy. I try to do it for 3 people in a row a few times a day. It only takes 3 minutes max and you’ll be amazed how great it makes you feel to wish others well.

2) Breathing

Our breath is our connection to our autonomic nervous system. Scientists have found that you can control things like your blood pressure, heart rate, and more simply by speeding up or slowing down your breath. There are a few breathing exercises that you can practice for different benefits, but one of my favorites for everyday settings is resonant breathing. The idea is simple, you want to slow down your breathing to about 5 breaths a minute and be sure you are breathing through your nose. That breaks down to roughly 6 second inhales and 6 second exhales. You want your breaths long and slow. No pauses at the top or bottom, keep it in a nice flowing resonate circle.

By slowing down your breathing, inhaling, and then exhaling completely you will calm your heart and focus your mind. You will also gain more control over your breath and voice.

If you can close your eyes and get an exact inhale and exhale count going, great. If not, you can do this while sitting at your desk. Nice and slow inhales and full and complete exhales.

3) Get as comfortable as possible

This is a game I like to play. In whatever position you’re in, try to make your body feel as comfortable as possible. It sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how much tension it can release.

I am not saying that if you are in your office you have to lay on the floor. Simply if you’re sitting at your desk adjust your posture to a reasonable position and then just try to feel as comfortable as possible. Work the comfortable feeling, from the inside, through your body. Let it spread through your body and soften any muscles you may be unconsciously flexing. It’s a nice and calming experience to feel how good you feel.


I hope these practices bring you relaxation and improved mental health. If you are struggling with anxiety or mental health issues it is always good to consult a mental health expert. Beyond that, by implementing these exercises you can improve your mental and physical health in just a few discrete minutes a day.


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