Creating A Perfect Meditation Space In Your Home…

Creating A Perfect Meditation Space In Your Home

After a stressful day at work, there is nothing better than relaxing in the comfort of your own home. It is very important to create a space just for you, a place where you can focus on yourself, your needs and wants; a private sanctuary where you can leave all the piled up negativity at the door. Here are some tips on how to create a relaxing oasis – a perfect meditation space in your home.

Create a Private Sanctuary

The first step to creating a perfect sanctuary is to dedicate a space where you can meditate or practice mindfulness, a space overflowing with positive energy, where there is a lot of natural light. If space is a part of a bigger room, make it private by setting up a folding screen. If your problem is lack of space, don’t despair! It is not important to have a magazine-cover yoga sanctuary; you can use almost any small space in your home and adjust it to your needs. And honestly, you don’t really need much to create a perfect meditation spot that will inspire you to concentrate on yourself.

Get Rid of the Distractions

Make sure to hide or move the main source of distraction – electronic appliances. Invest in custom-made shelving system and hide your TV and other electronics so that you can focus on yourself and your thoughts. And, don’t forget to turn off your phone! Choose a private corner in your house where you won’t be distracted to recharge your energy and prepare for the busy days ahead.

Make it Beautiful to Inspire Yourself

Pay attention to little details. The more beautiful your private sanctuary is, the more you will be inspired to spend time in it. Decorate with items that will motivate you, surround yourself with things you love. Add flower bouquets or leafy houseplants to inspire making a connection with nature. Creating a Zen-inspired meditation nook will help you concentrate on achieving your inner peace and will keep you balanced and calm whenever you enter your private space. Design it in a way that it depicts your personality. Put some aromatic oils or scented candles in the room to stay focused – it can be very meditative to just observe the flame on the candle.

Avoid Overcrowding

It is essential to create a clutter-free, balanced and moderate space. So, make sure to keep it simple to create a perfectly harmonious spot. Overcrowded spaces are more likely to affect your mood since there is no room for positive energy to circulate. Find unexpected solutions to put away your props (still keep them at hand) and don’t leave them on the floor. After you’ve finished, put away everything you used and consider that a closing ceremony – a finishing touch for your meditation time while keeping your space tidy and clean. Instead of leaving your mat on the floor after a yoga session, put it away and keep the good energy flow in your nook.

Feel Free to Improvise

A meditation space doesn’t have to be used just for meditation. You can read a book or relax in your personal space, or if it inspires your productiveness, you can even work in your sanctuary.

Consult professionals who can offer you great home renovation solutions to update your home and create a perfect oasis just for you. It can be an improvised Zen-inspired sanctuary in a conservatory attached to your house a guesthouse in your backyard or even a greenhouse sanctuary in the garden. Your meditation space can also be a Japanese-inspire Zen garden incorporated in your outdoor area. It is a great way to create a meditation spot since that was the original purpose of a Zen or a rock garden.

But in the End

Well, whether you choose the outdoor area for your serenity sanctuary or you plan to incorporate it in your home, the key is in finding a spot where you feel good, calm and inspired to focus on finding your inner peace.

These are simple ways that emphasize the importance of certain things you should incorporate and that highlight what you should keep in mind when creating your personal meditation space in your home. After all, you should concentrate on introspection, mindfulness, and meditation, not on some complicated architectural solutions.


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