5 Important Things About Meditation You Need To Know When Starting Out…

5 Important Things About Meditation You Need To Know When Starting Out

Many are now turning to meditation nowadays, especially with the chaotic state of our lives and the world that we live in. But with the growing amount of information available on the internet and even in our trusty neighborhoods, it’s understandable to get overwhelmed and confused. If you’re one of those people, then I hope this post will help you at least get a head start in beginning your meditation practice.

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There is No Rush Whatsoever

We are used to instant gratification, so it can only seem natural to have an end goal and to get there quickly and efficiently. While this can be helpful to start with, the grace and eternal bliss which is found through the practice of meditation makes the practitioner realize that there is no need to hurry.

If you are blessed to have been touched by divine light or grace, this practice of meditation will always be with you. Being forceful does not help, for it is the door which opens from the other side. We do not push it down. We simply wait, in stillness, in peace. Then the door opens not of our will, but by the will of what is on the other side. It is important to remember this during our practice, sometimes the long wait is intended to strengthen the virtue of humility and patience.

Everything has a Purpose, Treat Everything as a Teacher

The drop of a leaf from a tree onto the forest bed is not a random act. This leaf has fallen under the universal law and has been placed so perfectly, even if we do not see beyond our own judgment. Everything has a purpose, the thoughts & situations you are confronted with on a daily basis. Often the situations which we are confronted with just happen and they can seem out of control.

But, ask the question, who says they need controlling? Only you or ‘I’, the ego.

As we raise our awareness and spiritual strength, clarity is gainED with an understanding that we ultimately have choices on how to respond to situations. This itself is extremely liberating. What may seem like the harshest afflictions sent to us, are often the strongest platforms for developing ourselves further.

Realistic Mentality Over a Positive One

The term ‘positive mentality’ is used often these days. Meditation is the raising of our awareness to be whole again. To become whole again, we need to understand both sides of the negative and positive spectrum. What even is negative and positive from pure consciousness? It is a misconception that we need to get rid of unwanted thoughts to succeed.

There will be things that you do not want to see, things that you will feel that will be painful. Yes, there may be tears and from a teacher’s point of view, tears are a good sign, a sign of release. Do not put negativity in a box and hope it will go away, confront all the fears which lurk deep in your mind and set them free.

Be Diligent in Your Practice

Without proper guidance, meditation can seem like just sitting down for an amount of time with your thoughts. Sitting down creating fantasies in your head, figuring out what to eat for lunch after this, looking forward to your evening meal? No doubt most have encountered thoughts like these with their practice of meditation.

No matter how lost you get, the moment you’ve noticed you have wandered off is the moment you take the opportunity to return back to your focus. For some it may be the breath, for others perhaps a mantra. This can happen many times. Regular practice is the key that can strengthen one’s focus.

Simple Input Yields Simple Output

Simplicity is very much key in this work. An intellectual mind can get in the way, with suggestions along the lines of ‘ I can do it better’. Meditation is about transcending beyond the thoughts, ideas, and concepts of the mind. The mind thinks it can do it better, but the mind just complicates things.

In pure consciousness, there are no complications, just pure simplicity. In this state, beauty is seen in everything because the judgments of the mind are nonexistent. We are all part of this oneness, this stillness. We will connect on deeper levels, from states of nonjudgment & pure being. 


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