Meditation’s My Medication (HipHop Music Video)…

Meditation’s My Medication (HipHop Music Video)

We’ve all heard about the benefits of having a meditation practice. But unless we’ve actually had one for an extended period of time, we have no clue how good it can be.

Just for fun, I made this HipHop music video to express my enthusiasm for how meditation has changed my life.

Meditation’s the medication for me to find peace;
It’s also the prescription to cure my dis-ease.
I connect to my breath to clear out my mind,
And I focus on a mantra to help me unwind.

As i ground into myself things are starting to flow.
No longer am I run by my unconscious ego.
My power’s in my presence, this is where I create,
Through practice and intention, I choose my own fate.

As I envision myself surrounded by light,
I see my heart glow as it lights up the night.
I am the Universe, the Universe is you,
I’m feeling the oneness as I am unglued.

Unglued from my worries, attachments and fears,
Seeing the blessing in everything as my mind becomes clear.
So clear I can see what’s in front of my face,
That God is in everything, in all time and space.

And the best thing of all, is peace starts from within,
So let’s meditate together and allow peace to begin!

It was trippy at first, I will honestly admit,
Feeling so damn good after a 15-minute sit.
I laugh like I’m stoned, I smile like I’m high,
I can let my stuff go with a deep breath and a sigh.

I’m present with my life, seeing the magic in it all,
My heart is so wide open since I took down all my walls
It’s amazing the stories that were running through my mind.
I was so confused, walking through my life blind.

But one-by-one, the patterns fade away,
As I show up to the moment each and everyday.
When I look into the mirror, I’m now loving who I see.
In my body, mind and heart I know that I am free.

With practice and patience, my life turned for the best.
I’m so freaking grateful, I know I’m truly blessed.
If you’re looking for change, I suggest meditation,
It’s a great replacement for our many medications.

And the best thing of all, is peace starts from within,
So let’s meditate together and allow peace to begin!


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Bradley Morris

I am not your average “meditation teacher”. I am an Experience Design Artist, Entertainer, Creative Entrepreneur, Writer, Producer, Wild Adventurer…

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