14 Mantras You Are Missing Out On

Words have power. One insult can pummel your heart down to your feet and one compliment can send your spirit soaring. Teach yourself to compliment, support, and inspire yourself—for YOU are the only one who is in charge of your mindset. Start your day with a mantra that matches—compliments—your goals and ambitions. Remember, you hold the key to your own happiness and only you have the power to set your heart free.

The following mantras are great ways for you to start disciplining yourself to putting yourself first:

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1. I am unbreakable. Nothing can shatter me. I am the mountain—you cannot move me. I am strong. 

2. Only I have the power to let this affect me. This does not have power over me. I control my thoughts and my choices. This does not have power over me. 

3. I have the light. I have the heart. I have the soul. I have the spirit. No one can take these from me. No one can rob me of my thoughts and prayers. I am light. 

4. I am loved. I am whole. I am pure. I am well. I am loved. 

5. I refuse. I refuse to be anything but myself. I refuse. I refuse to be upset about what I cannot control. I refuse. I refuse to feel inferior. I refuse. 

6.  I am a flame. I shine bright. I shine through. I shine bold. I am powerful. 

7. I am worthy of my goals. I am worthy of my dreams. I am worthy of myself. I am worthy of my life. I am worthy. 

8. I am unafraid of the future. I am unafraid of the unknown before me. I am unafraid of my faith. I am unafraid of you. 

9. I am proud of myself. I am there for myself. I have high standards, and I have expectations, but they are not unreasonable. I can achieve. I can succeed. There is nothing stopping me.

10. My soul is at peace. I forgive. I am in a better place. I am moving on. You are in the past. I am at peace.

11. May the world be graceful today. May I smile often today. May I trust myself to be happy today. May I take notice of my blessings. May I be one with the earth, today.

12. It’s never too late. Tomorrow’s a new day. I am turning a new leaf. I am starting over. This new chapter is mine to write. It’s never too late.

13. Failure is a stepping stone, not an ending. I am human. I make mistakes, but they don’t defeat me. I will move on from this. I am strong. 

14. You did not break me. You did not burn me. You did not destroy me. I am rising. I am thriving. I am better without you. I am good. I am rising. 

Remember to love yourselves, and always know that with the right thoughts, words, and spirit, your heart will always have the safe haven and the wings it needs to fly.


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Laura Zaks

Unapologetically singing and laughing, hurting and loving. I believe in self-love, self-confidence, and self-will, but also in unity, community, and…

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