10 Hobbies That Are Meditative…

10 Hobbies That Are Meditative

Meditating is one way to boost health, improve the body, and to ease the mind. Meditation does not end at the gym or in yoga class; you can meditate anytime and anywhere. In fact, some hobbies are more meditative than others.

Check out the following:


Hiking is not just healthy but is also a fun activity. For people who love hiking in parks and natural destinations, it’s a chance to commune with nature. Hiking also benefits the mind as it lets you walk without any worries while you focus on the now. The regular stepping movements and the beat of your heart and your breathing makes a good meditative sound.


Reading a book and becoming immersed in the story is one way to relax and to meditate. Most people read in a quiet area where they can better understand their readings. Some people can read while commuting while some prefer to read before sleeping. This is because people have different ways of enjoying this meditative hobby.


Most of the time you spend fishing is spent on patiently waiting for a bite. As you wait, your mind wanders and you meditate. Most likely, you’re fishing on a serene lake or a pier, some-place where it’s peaceful and perfect for meditation too. Most people who love to fish take this as a relaxing pastime, something that keeps their minds off their worries and troubles.


Gardening is indeed very meditative as you take time to tend to your plants. Gardeners are not just very skillful but are also patient observers, tending to the small details to help plants grow. They take time to check soil, germinate tiny seeds, and to deliver everything that their plants need. With gardening, you are closer to nature as you are helping bring forth new life in the form of your plants


Woodworkers have that satisfying and relaxing feeling every time they cut, shape, and finish their projects. Most claim that they feel at ease working with wood than any other material because it’s alive. Also, there is an undeniable feeling of true happiness and satisfaction every time a woodworking project is done.


The repetitive clicking movements of knitting needles are enough to make knitters feel at ease and relaxed. The activity is indeed meditative as you let your thoughts wander as you go stitch by stitch. Do you know that some people knit when they are anxious or stressed? Indeed, this activity is a good way to think deeply and to develop an overall feeling of relaxation.


Taking photos of nature, wildlife, people and natural landscapes can be very relaxing and meditative for photographers. There’s that certain feeling of ease and satisfaction when you can take stunning, lifelike photos of your subjects. Also, if you’re into nature photography, you’re most likely outdoors checking out natural scenery, enchanting wildlife, and interesting natural wonders. Every subject, every piece becomes a perfect expression of your creativity and your interests.


Cycling lets you be alone with your thoughts and to live in the now as you move from course to course, and from road to road. This sport lets you become one with your bike with every stroke, every pedal a meditative beat. Only a cyclist understands when the road conditions change when to shift gears when to apply the brakes. You’re one with your bike and one with the road as you move from place to place in graceful movements. Meditation before cycling helps you focus and feel confident in your skills and abilities especially before a competition.


There’s that meditative silence every time swimmers hit the water. Every stroke and every pace is like a monotonous meditative beat. If you swim, you are most likely alone with your thoughts most of the time as you maintain your form, count your strokes, and try to keep with the time. Swimming is a relaxing, immersive activity that’s also great for keeping the body fit and healthy. And because it’s also a competitive sport, meditation can help you stay in the game, overcome stress and boost confidence.

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is an activity that everyone can enjoy. There’s that satisfaction in finding valuable objects like gold nuggets, silver coins, and relics. But before finding anything, hobbyists often have to patiently wait and watch for any changes in the metal detector readings. They have to focus and to use their eyes to check even for the smallest pulses in the monitor and to listen for any slight sounds from the detector. This is truly a meditative and worthwhile activity in the end.

Any activity can be meditative as long as you pour your heart and soul into it. Meditation will lead to a healthier mind, body, and spirit, something you should consider practicing daily.


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