You Need This: 10 Guided Meditations On iTunes…

You Need This: 10 Guided Meditations On iTunes

Utilize technology to maximize your commute, your free time, or any time you want to take 10 minutes to relax. Podcasts are an amazing free resource for guided meditations, and also a great way to get started with meditation – and I’ve done the legwork for you! Here are 10 stations that specialize in meditations; to help you relax, restore and focus.

10 Guided Meditations

Here are 10 guided meditations you can listen to right now…

There are, of course, hundreds of more options on platforms such as iTunes, YouTube, and Udemy. So do explore, and remember to have fun! Happy meditating!


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Sarah Robinson

Yoga Teacher & Event Producer. A student of Yoga for 27 years, Sarah holds a BSc & MSc degree in…

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