7 Ways Daily Meditation Can Change Your Life…

7 Ways Daily Meditation Can Change Your Life

The urge to meditate daily came from an inner push. One day from inside a voice said, “You must begin to meditate every day.” At the time I was attending a once weekly Deeksha evening, where the group gently meditated then gave each other Deeksha energy.

This weekly meditation and energy transfer had become a necessary healing tonic for me because for a few precious hours a week, I could be taken away from the stress and anxiety of running my ailing textile business. After hearing the inner voice, I faithfully began sitting with eyes closed and legs crossed in meditation for between 5 to 30 minutes every day. At first, sitting still for even 5 minutes proved difficult. My body and mind refused to cooperate, distracting me in clever ways. But worst of all was the deafening noise of my thoughts—it was an incessant babble of mindless, inescapable conversation that thundered in my head.

It’s crazy to imagine living with this ceaseless chatter, but somehow we all do don’t we? Slowly, with awareness and time, I found that as my body became better trained to sitting, my mind also grew mildly quieter. Watching the flow of thoughts in those initial months was eye-opening—I saw for the first time just how little control of my mind I really had. Now, looking back, I can really appreciate how daily meditation changed my life. My overall well-being improved as well as my clarity and focus. I feel happier, calmer and can better cope with life’s unexpected challenges.

Here are 7 ways daily meditation practice can change your life.

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Connects You to Your Body

Daily meditation starts the process of connecting us to our bodies, bringing us into greater touch with our thoughts and emotions. Many of us have little awareness of what we’re feeling or how these feelings connect to and impact the events in our physical lives. Through meditation practice, we become more conscious of the subtle sensations in our bodies, whether triggered by thoughts, emotions, other people or situations. Observing these sensations without judgment increases our capacity to respond to external triggers rather than reacting to them.

Sharpens the Mind

Allowing your thoughts to flow without judging them as right, wrong, good or bad gradually calms the continuous chatter of the mind. When the mind begins to quiet, there is more space for creativity and intelligence to flourish, helping you solve problems quickly, efficiently and with crystal clear clarity.

Relieves Stress

Many of us are overworked and overstressed, aren’t we? We feel beaten down by the challenges we face. So taking time to be with ourselves for just 5 minutes a day will reduce our stress levels. Regular meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce stress and helping relaxation by bringing attention to the present moment. Being in the now moment increases our ability to focus on the problems we can solve, rather than the ones we cannot.

Improves Sleep

Having an overactive mind full of thoughts concerning the past or future is a definite recipe for sleepless nights. Many people also suffer sleeplessness due to mental or physical pain. Daily meditation practice can help you better manage your pain, by promoting a sense of calm and relaxation in your body, leading to an overall feeling of inner peace—allowing for a better nights sleep.

Increases Productivity

When the mind is less focused on worrying, we very naturally have more energy to concentrate our efforts in the direction of our goals. With the increased clarity of mind, comes greater productivity in all areas of our lives. Our memories and concentration improve, so we are now able to complete tasks in less time and without the pressures, we felt before.

Connects Us to Others

Daily meditation practice helps to develop a sense of connectedness between others and ourselves. We naturally become more compassionate, bringing us closer to loved ones and to strangers alike. Our difficult relationships gradually heal, as we grow in our levels of acceptance and release past judgments of others and ourselves.

Promotes a Sense of Happiness

Meditating every day brings calm and balance to our minds. It reduces stress, which leads to better sleep. Our focus, productivity and connectivity with others and ourselves increase. These benefits manifest themselves as an improved health condition, allowing us to regain control of our lives while generating a greater sense of peace and happiness. There are many different meditation techniques you can try. Meditation does not have to be with legs crossed or eyes closed. You can try walking, mantra or breathing meditations for example. Experiment to see what works best for you and see how just a few minutes spent in meditation every day can make a huge difference to your life.


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Jacqueline Vanderpuye is a medium, energy worker, avid meditator and spiritual guide. She began her inner journey while living and…

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