The 3 Best Apps For Meditation…

The 3 Best Apps For Meditation


Meditation is all the rage these days, with everyone from doctors, co-workers, and celebrities singing praises for this activity. But let’s face it, it can be pretty intimidating! With all the ruckus, details, and plug-ins of life, it is hard to quiet our minds and totally tune out the noise. I have found learning meditation begins with accepting that sometimes you need help, and sometimes it just won’t be perfect. The effort itself can go a long way and for the days when it is harder than others, there are some great apps to help move the process along.

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It is thorough, complete and gives you a full schedule to follow and only requires a commitment of 10 minutes a day. Not to mention, the explanation of the goals and ideas of meditation when first starting the app allows you to better grasp what you want to achieve by meditating. The app is free with a subscription attached to further participate in your mind training. Headspace is probably the most complete and comprehensive app out there when it comes to learning how to meditate.

Simply Being

I love Simply Being because it allows for a little more independence in the pursuit of meditation. It is a quick and easy way to relax and I have fallen asleep on more than one occasion while using it. You can opt for soothing sounds and/or a narrative that tells you what to think about and how to unwind. You can also set the timing on it so it fits well into your life and time frame!

Insight Timer

This is a fantastic app as it gives you so many options and types of meditation. Not all background music or narratives are fit for everyone and this gives you alternatives and an ability to pick what is right for you. This is more thoughtful to the idea that people may respond differently to varying sounds.


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