6 Key Benefits Of Meditation At Work…

6 Key Benefits Of Meditation At Work


Does meditation truly assist in your performance at work?

As most would categorize meditation as a lifestyle choice, it is being directly related to benefits to a person’s overall health and well-being. According to many practicing CEOs and top-level executives, meditation is able to give that strategic edge in their competitive and multimedia driven lives to stay focused, less stressed and on-task in the workforce.

Stress has been known to be the among the top epidemics in our society today, and will indirectly or directly relate to many common ailments such as anxiety, heart disease, insomnia, depression and many other inflammation disorders. Certain cancers have also been directly connected to how the body combats stress in one form or another. While our society has become increasingly more media-driven, our minds are reaching a stressful level of information overload making it difficult to clearly and actively process without distraction.

Meditation at work can assist in the following 6 ways:

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1) Stronger Leadership

It’s understood that most leaders influence their team. It is in positive energy that they project that can truly have an impact on those around them. In a team structure, it is the duty of those leaders to ultimately motivate and empower each person in the unit that reflects on the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that each member possess. Undoubtedly, if leadership is happy, content and relaxed, the team members will not only flourish but will excel in most aspects of their life.

Those who practice meditation, regardless if in a leadership role or not, will also tend to flourish, and grow and not only more actively participate but will also project the positive energy that will influence others. Taking control of your path or career is a positive asset to any company and person to continuously strive to be a better employee and leader each and every day.

2) Increased Memory

Ever envied that person in the office with a sharp and unshakable memory? Anyone who can rattle off dates, times, names, numbers and informative facts without any hesitation is a vital edge in any business in today’s work world. As the importance to be vital, active and on point in the workplace has become increasingly important this element is critical in almost any job.

Meditation has been known to assist in de-cluttering and relaxing your mind, allowing you to focus more importantly on remembering things that actually matter. Of course, practicing some sort of daily brain exercises and taking in brain supporting vitamins is also a great idea to supplement your practice.

3) Better Decision-making Skills

Have you ever had an issue in making a decision, your mind just couldn’t wrap around the topic? We have all been there, but this increased sense of disillusionment can be prohibitive in the workforce. Any major decision would need a thought process to review and to make and someone said to sleep on it? Same logic! Receiving greater mental clarity is crucial for everyone, but especially for those who are entrusted with making difficult strategic decisions that could affect the future of the company.

Regardless if the organization is large or small, you would want clarity in all of your business decisions and reduce any risks. Meditation is key to give a mental balance to any business or person involved in the decision-making process.

4) Better Listening

Can we all not listen better? After meditation, our capacity of listening attentively is more easily attained and maintained; thus fostering a safer environment where employees can talk more openly. This then opens them up perhaps to a new interactive dialogue of what is affecting them or how the demands of the job affect them along with any issues. In this manner, trust will be built and communication would not only improve but would effectively increase productivity and affordability. Regardless of the position, sharpened listening skills can improve all aspects of life!

5) Becoming More Present

With the increasing access to all social media platforms today, it is becoming more difficult to be truly the present and in the moment. Becoming super focused is key in most jobs and businesses as well as the ability to avoid unnecessary distractions is not only vital but imperative for any level of success. Discipline every single day, in this “focused” behavior, will become the new normal and will be common place with a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness. If mediation was able to give you this level of hyper direction and allow you to become more present in your life, would you not take it?

6) Regained Sense of Purpose

We all desire a sense of purpose in our lives. Ideally, believing that all the answers lie within us, it is by truly quieting our minds that we connect to the source. Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is our connection to the universe that will ultimately give us our direction.

Through the process of meditation, we will find clarity in our lives and regain our sense of purpose and the overall vision and direction. By silencing our minds, it is important to concentrate on the work that we do every day; thus giving us a more meaningful purpose in our lives that we cannot only excel but can inspire others to do the same. Although there are many varying types of meditation with specific styles find one that best suits you. Some will focus on your breathing, some will have you repeat mantras while others will have you focus on absolutely nothing at all. Each and every one of them is beneficial and will ultimately serve its purpose and there is absolutely no right or wrong.


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